Praying for the Church: Thanking God for Pastors Devoted to Prayer and the Teaching of the Word

Acts 2:42 They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (NASB) I love my church! I love the Church, but I am especially grateful for my local church where I get to learn from an amazing biblically-based Pastor with a heart to preach and practice, “Love one another,” and who speaks truth into our lives as he leads and loves our church and community. Our church is a place of worship, praying, studying God’s Word, taking communion, fellowship, giving, serving and of course singing. A place where we... Read more >>

Bless the Lord - A Prayer Update from Kathy Branzell

The calendar says that fall has arrived, but in many parts of the country it still feels like summer. It is interesting to note that just because it feels like summer, and thetemperatures may be summer-like, it does not change the fact that it is fall. Feelings don’t trump facts. The same is true for our essential need to bless and praise the Lord, even when we don’t feel like it. Our circumstances change and even challenge us, but God does not change; He is always our Mighty Creator, All Sufficient, I AM, The Lord Most High, who sees, heals,... Read more >>

The Power of WITH

Matthew 6:9-10 - “Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” I love how Jesus began His teaching on prayer, it strikes straight to the core when He says,  “Our Father.” Jesus is teaching us that prayer is personal and inclusive, respectful and relational. He is making sure we understand that God is His Father and our Father. We were created for relationship first and foremost with our Lord and then with others. God said, “it is not good for man to be alone,” even... Read more >>

Leadership Spotlight: Massachusetts Gains New State Coordinator

God is still a God of miracles, even in our modern day. It may not be walking on water, but it might be the provision to meet a need, being healed, or an open door for kingdom work that is just as grand and glorious. Angelo Rajadurai, the new Massachusetts state coordinator, and his wife, Danita, have seen God do all three in different seasons in their lives. They are praying for continued favor from the Lord as they step into their new leadership position in their state. After attending the National Day of Prayer and other prayer events in Rhode... Read more >>

Cry Out America 2019 - Sign Up Now

We want to encourage you to join us and our ministry partners at Intercessors for America  as we observe Cry Out America in remembrance of 9/11. Read more >>

Faith at Work

I pray that you had a restful and refreshing Labor Day weekend. For many of us, this signals the end of summer; students are back in school, football is back as well as your favorite fall coffee. Labor Day historically marks the beginning of fair wages, working conditions, and hours being set into motion. You were not made to work seven days a week, you must take time to rest your body and brain. Moreover, God calls us to a Sabbath, six days of work and one day of rest. Read more >>

Inspiration from Decades of Prayer in the Midwest

Ask anyone you pass throughout the day—the cashier at the grocery store, a coworker or a neighbor—if our country is divided, and you will most likely, hear a resounding ‘yes’! Regardless of their political affiliation or social strata, these divisions are deeply felt in our society, driving wedges between communities, churches and families. Looking back in history, America has endured seasons of division during times such as the tumultuous 1960’s, reaching back as far as the Civil War, and then beyond that to our Revolutionary War. Throughout these times, the Lord has equipped men and women to stand in the... Read more >>

Let's Pray Together as Our Nation Heads 'Back to School'

We thank God for you and for your prayers for our nation. As you prayed today you have probably heard the sounds of students walking to school or the bus driving down your street. In some parts of the U.S. school began weeks ago while a few areas still have one precious week of vacation to enjoy before the bell rings. Education is one of the seven mountains of influence in our nation that we pray into throughout the year, but we bring a special focus to this month to give you prayer prompts and resources to cover campuses, students,... Read more >>

Run into the Darkness with Light and LOVE

A Heartfelt Message to our National Day of Prayer Family As I sit here typing this article my heart aches with devastation not only from this past weekend of violence and death but from the past several years of terror in our schools, streets, and stores. As the school bus roared past my window this morning the plan had been to write to you about “Back to School in Prayer,” and as I turned on my local news, one of the top stories was about the drastic increase in the sales of bulletproof backpacks. Just pause and let that sink... Read more >>

Mountain States Area Leaders See Doors Open to Government Leaders and Seek to Mobilize Young Prayer Warriors

For a first-generation American, our freedoms have a special importance and create a strong love for our country. This is the same love for our country within Gina Gibson, the National Area Leader (NAL) for the mountain states alongside her husband, Stan. The Gibsons serve Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Montana and their home state of Wyoming. “No matter how difficult things are, America is still the best country because of freedom,” said Gina, whose father immigrated to the United States after World War II. “I’m burdened by all the strife and division in our country, but God has told me not... Read more >>