Thursday, May 1 st , 2025
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Together we pray for people …who learn, teach and serve in Education.

We pray fervently for Education; for those who learn, teach, serve, and support every area and aspect.

We pray that God helps students to obtain and retain true knowledge and understanding while seeking wisdom from Him. That no one be hindered from coming to Him, and that no evil agenda or wicked word be taught that comes against God, His Word, will and ways. We pray that God protects our campuses from violence and vileness; making them a safe place to learn and to prepare students to thrive throughout life on the path that He has prepared for them. Filling their minds with the wonder of Him, as they learn the beauty and complexity of His creation in science, His heart and hand throughout history, and a desire to study Scripture as they learn to read. May He prompt teachers, staff, families, and students to pray for one another, and grow Christian clubs on every campus.

Education is an investment into the future, and a unifying connecting point for each person. The Apostle Paul used this universal fact to convey the spiritual truth of ‘growing up’ in Christ-like wisdom and letting go of childish ways. (1 Corinthians 13:11)

There are endless avenues for young people to receive an education: public school, private school, homeschool, and formats that mix elements of each. Not to mention the many opportunities for extra-curricular activities.

Parents and caretakers need wisdom from the Lord to make the right choice for their children to receive education that aligns with the truth of Scripture and helps them fulfill the plans the Lord has for them. Students need to know they were created by God with value and that their Creator has a purpose for them. Instructors need endurance to faithfully teach pupils in God-honoring lessons.

The sphere of education needs our prayers!

Together we pray for people … serving and leading in the Church.

We pray fervently for the Church; the people called by His name, as they learn, love, worship, and follow God together.

We pray for those who are members and leaders of His body, set apart by their relationship with Him as Lord and Savior, sent to show and share His love and Good News. Helping them and us remember that we are the Church, people not a place, His body not a building, and that we come together to grow in our knowledge and love of Him and who we are in Him. That we gather to love and encourage one another to be filled with His Word and Spirit inside the walls of the church, so that everywhere we go, we overflow as His ambassadors. We pray that we His people, called by His Name, be known by His love and the spiritual fruitfulness that manifests in our lives and glorifies Him. Causing us to care for our neighbor and nation, our communities and country in such substantial and sacrificial ways, that every person we encounter would know that we follow Him - and they would want to know and follow Him too.

The Church unites all believers in the proclamation of faith in Christ Jesus. There are many denominations and practices, but one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all. (Ephesians 4:5-6)

A healthy church is a powerful tool God uses to bring people into salvation and a community that continues to spurn one another on in the faith. We need to cover our churches in prayer, because there are many distractions that can prevent a church from living in the fullness of God’s design.

Is a church too focused on perceived image and a single leader, or on making Christ known above all? Is a church ignoring issues, or addressing challenges with humble hearts seeking Biblical healing and justice? Are the church members actively living out a missional lifestyle and engaging in intergenerational discipleship or is church just a weekly event?

The church needs our prayers!

Together we pray for people … working in Arts, Media and Entertainment.

We pray fervently for Arts, Media and Entertainment; for all who use their talent and gifts to compete, inspire, entertain and inform us.

We pray that God would avail much in the Arts, Entertainment and Media as we pray fervently for all who use the talent and gifts He has given them to compete, inspire, entertain and inform us. We pray that they would see this beautiful world through God’s eyes and through His heart as the Creator of all that exists. For those who write, that He reveal Himself as the Word who was in the beginning with God, and was God who Created the universe. May they understand the power of words, and seek Him to choose them carefully, truthfully, in wisdom, knowledge and understanding; to build up and not tear down, to speak life and not death. We pray for those who work in front of and behind the cameras and curtains, screens, stadiums, and stages. We lift up those who dance, train, compete, paint, sculpt, and sing with the gifts and beauty He has poured into them, as they experience His strength and splendor around them and towards them. We pray that they see and project life and love through His light and lens. Living the lives He has written for them from beginning to end on earth, while sensing and sharing glimpses of the sounds and sights of heaven given them as they seek and create through Him. May they live humbly, pointing their audience, fans, and social media followers to see through them and follow God.

As people populated the Earth, God poured creative talents into people for different works that would benefit them and glorify the Lord. Today, people with these creative gifts make up the Arts, Entertainment, and Media spheres. The average American consumes an astounding amount of media each day: entertainment television, digital games, social media, news, and music. These influences shape the things we think about, the words we say, and the way we see others and treat them. It takes prayer to discern what media influences will keep the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts acceptable and pleasing to God. (Psalm 19:14)

The people who make tv shows, report the news, and perform in shows need our prayers. They are filled with God-given talents and abilities and need the Lord to guide them in using their gifts to glorify Him. Some need to experience salvation, while others need a faith community to surround them with support. Thousands of Christians who work in arts and entertainment are fighting to infuse wholesome and uplifting content in our culture while Christians in the media sphere work hard to honor the God of Truth through truthful news reporting.

Arts, Entertainment and Media needs our prayers!

Together we pray for people ...serving in Government.

We pray fervently for all who serve in Government; legislative, executive, and judicial.

We pray first for their salvation, that they would believe and follow Jesus all of their days. We pray that they would trust in the Lord with all their heart, and lean not on their own understanding, that they would acknowledge Him in all their ways and hide His Word in their heart. Scripture records the worth of a King’s reign by stating that they “did what was right or what was wicked in the sight of the LORD.” So, we pray that they seek His face, His heart, and His hand in all they do to manifest and magnify His glory. May He lead them, as they lead our cities, states, and nation. May our laws reflect our loyalty and love to Him and His ways, and cause His justice to flow from our courts.

In the days Jesus spent on earth, there was tension within the local Jewish leaders concerning the overlying occupation by the Roman government. History records several uprisings and rebellions against the Romans during the same time period, however, Jesus’ teachings primarily revolved around the Kingdom of God. The book of Mark records the now famous words that Jesus uttered “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, render unto God what is God’s” to show that government has a use, but it is not our savior and cannot compete with our allegiance to Christ Jesus.

In our country, our government has many different sectors that perform many different tasks. Local government influences the buildings and schools that populate communities State government influences the operation of businesses and the roadways to get to them. Federal government influences the relationships with other nations for international commerce and military aide for our allies.

The ‘forest’ of government is full of ‘trees’ that are the individually elected and appointed officials who are tasked with representing the interests of their constituents and seeking wise counsel to make decisions to lead our country forward. The sphere of government leaders need our prayers!

Together we pray for people … serving in Business and in the Workplace.

We pray fervently for the Workplace; for the people and the places where God calls us to work each day.

We pray that the Holy Spirit would remind us that we are God’s  ambassadors, representatives of righteousness sent to run with the message of reconciliation. We seek the blessings from heaven's glorious riches, not longing for counterfeit cultural abundance, but the abundant life authored by Jesus. We pray that each person would work unto the Lord, not disrespecting or despising man but knowing that the work­place is their mission field. Working in integrity, humility, excellence, and diligence in order to walk in all that has been received in Christ. Not seeking to gain the whole world but seeking to magnify and glorify God who will supply every need. We pray that the Lord will keep people from being slothful and selfish, keeping pride and greed far from each person as they labor in the fields, where He sends them for His harvest. May each person in the workplace know that their value is found in Him and from Him.

Each of these heroes of the fiaht boldly followed the call of the Lord even in their different positions. There is not exclusive job title necessary to be used by God. It is a JOY, not a JOB, to be obedient to God to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, love our neighbor as ourselves, and go into all the world and make disciples. (Matthew 22:37 and Matthew 28:19-20)

Each person is created in the image of God and holds inherent dignity, and as His creator God calls each person to work as if working as a representative of Christ. Therefore, both our place of work and our heart’s position at work need to reflect our dignity and obedience to God. A God-honoring business can be a great benefit to employees and the community, and a person who honors God in each task through the day speaks a testimony of faith. We need to cover our workplaces in prayer to see hearts changed for the Kingdom of God!

Together we pray for people …serving in the Military.

We pray fervently for our Military; for the men and women in uniform, and their families who serve and sacrifice with them.

We pray that Almighty God would avail much as we pray fervently for our military; for the men and women in uniform who serve and sacrifice to defend freedom around the world, as well as their families who serve and sacrifice with them. We pray that God would keep them strong, courageous, and safe in the shadow of His wings. That He would be their sun and shield; their direction and protection at all times, on the home front and the front­lines. We pray that they put on the full armor of God as they put on their uniform each day. Being filled with His wisdom and discernment as decisions and plans are drawn up, in peace and on the battlefield. May God go before them and surround them as every battle on earth reflects a war in the heavenlies; thwarting evil schemes and defeating wickedness. We pray that our nation would gratefully serve those who served us, letting no veteran go without services and shelter. Bringing peace and healing to the wounded, and holding their marriages and families close in His care, as we keep them near in our thoughts and prayers whether at home or away.

The sphere of military has always been an influence in cultures throughout time. In the New Testament, see the Apostle Paul use military terminology to help believers comprehend spiritual truths, such as relating physical armor to spiritual armor and explaining the spiritual battle we fight against the powers of darkness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Historically, the United States military has fought for the freedoms we see in our legal documents and to uphold American interests in other countries. The military itself is comprised of thousands of volunteers from all walks of life who submit themselves to fulfill the needs of our country, whether that is across the world or across state lines. The armed services can provide a sense of purpose and structure, as well as opportunities in growing career fields. However, job stress and the unique culture of the military can also foster an environment that increases the likelihood of substance abuse and can place a great strain on marriage and family life. Military members are often exposed to dangerous and violent situations and have higher rate of experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, divorce, homelessness, and other life-altering challenges.

The military needs our prayer!

Together we pray for people … and their Family.

We pray fervently for the Family; each person created by God, to live in relationship with Him and one another.

We pray for the family to be a place where we learn to honor our parents, and parents nurture their children with love, and train them up to know and follow Him. He created marriage for a man and woman to be bound in a covenant with Him, and live as a family that follows Him. He knit us together in the womb, fearfully and wonderfully making us in His image. We pray that people would know that they are His workmanship, not one person is a mistake. He establishes generations of families by marriage, birth, foster care, adoption and more, as people share their lives and love according to His Word, will and way. He invites us to be a part of His family, the eternal family of God. He calls us His children; having believed we are born again into His family. We pray that all people would draw near to Him as their perfect Heavenly Father, no matter what kind of example or experience with their earthly parents. May He bring families closer to Him, prompting them to pray, study Scripture, serve actively in church, and love their neighbors together. We pray that the Holy Spirit fill our hearts and our homes, binding us together in love, honor, joy, and trust.

Scripture even records God using the term ‘father’ to help our finite human minds begin to understand the relational nature of our omnipotent and all-powerful God. (Exodus 4:22)

The family is first place we learn about God and create expectations for how to form relationships. Healthy families provide a strong foundation for children to grow into mature adults and model the love of Christ by sacrificially serving one another.

When the foundation of family is shaken through tragedy, trauma or broken trust, the foundation for life is shaken right along with it. Divorces, work/life imbalance and lack of loving support can profoundly shape the rest of a person’s life, even if the painful event occurred decades prior/ Christ shared in the sufferings of family troubles while He walked on Earth: the leaders of Nazareth rejected Him as the Son of God, refusing to see Him as more than “Joseph’s son.”

There are timeless challenges such as joining lives as a married couple and raising children, and there are the new challenges of navigating family dynamics in an age of the social media barrage of opinions and connections.

Families need our prayers!

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