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Thursday, May 6th, 2021
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Lord Pour Out Your Love, Life, and Liberty

Glory Stories

Testimonies and stories of God's glory from the National Day of Prayer

Glory Story: Heed the Words of the Prophets

Arkansas State Coordinator Leads Intercessors to Honor MLK   Most people will honor or celebrate a holiday within the bounds of a single day, or maybe over the short season of a few weeks. However, in our spiritual journeys we are called to a steady and enduring faith in God, where we are encouraged and spurred on by brothers and sisters in Christ—even at times by the believers who have transitioned to glory with the Father. Many Christians today see Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to be a great spiritual encouragement and example of faithfully following the Lord, even... Read more >>

Glory Story: Prayer Across the Nation

January PFA Call Lifted Up Each State   The monthly Pray for America prayer call is a time for all believers to join in our shared faith and lift up both praises and concerns to our Heavenly Father. January’s theme “70 Years, 7 Mountains and 50 States” started the 70th year of National Day of Prayer with two hours of prayer sweeping across the nation as leaders interceded for each state and two territories of the United States. Intercessors used the seven mountains framework to focus their prayers on specific types of needs. Almost every state coordinator represented their state... Read more >>

Glory Story: Let Us Adore Him

The December PFA Call Began the Christmas Season With Praise   The preparation for the Christmas season means different things for different people: some people enjoy decorating their house while other bake goodies for loved ones. For our NDP family of intercessors, we began December the same way we respond to all seasons and events: with prayer. December’s theme for the monthly Pray for America call was “O Come Let Us Adore Him” to bring in the Christmas season with worship. Christians stand on the firm foundation of scripture to guide our lives and prayers, and NDP president Kathy Branzell... Read more >>

Glory Story: Where Two Or More Are Gathered

Intercessors partner up to cover every town in Connecticut in prayer   This fall, prayer warriors in Connecticut went two by two to pray over every town in the state—169 in total—to complete the Connecticut Constitution Prayer Initiative. After putting the plans on in hold through the spring to observe Covid-19 related health guidelines, the group of intercessors from the NDP Connecticut prayer network and the Kingdom Watchmen prayer group achieved their goal through June, July and August. Their focus was to pray for God to root out ungodliness in the government, first by praying for spiritual cleansing and protection,... Read more >>

Glory Story: The Shadow of the Almighty

Intercessors in the Western States Continue Daily Psalm 91 Prayer Call   Most of us remember where we were as the news rolled in of the ways the Covid-19 pandemic began changing our lives. For intercessors in the mountain states, they know exactly where they were: on their knees in prayer. On March 14th, 2020, Gina Gibson, the western National Area Leader, faithfully followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to invite prayer warriors to join together and pray Psalm 91 over our hurting world and nation. The Lord’s instruction was clear: pray Psalm 91 until the burden is lifted.... Read more >>

The Heavens Declare His Glory

God answers prayers for snow   Wildfires have destroyed millions of dollars’ worth of property and livelihoods across the Western U.S. and have taken more than a dozen lives in 2020. The Mullen fire in Southeast Wyoming started in late September and continued to burn through a remote national park and the surrounding areas. Gina Gibson, the Mountain States National Area Leader, had been helping her community marshal supplies for those affected by the fire, even as the smoke continued to hover over her hometown of Laramie. “There has been so much smoke, it’s scary,” Gina said. Early one Sunday... Read more >>

Glory Story: Powerful Prayers of Saints

Alabama mayor recognizes efforts of intercessors   Montgomery’s history is full of powerful hope amidst heartbreaking pain, with the work of hope being led by generations of prayer warriors. These great intercessors include civil rights leaders who held strategic and prayerful meetings in churches across the city in the middle of the 20th century. To this day, Montgomery is still a stronghold of prayer warriors, including the Southeast National Area Leaders, Gwen and Willie Bradley, who base their ministry operations out of the Montgomery area. “This the home of the civil rights movement, and the home of the Civil War,”... Read more >>

Glory Story: Paul and Timothy

Minnesota NDP team blends skill and maturity   Mentorship and discipleship go hand in hand. We see this play out in scripture, from Elijah and Elisha to Paul and Timothy. Spiritual mentorship is reflected in Sharon Auldrich, the Minnesota state coordinator, and Natalie Smetak, a new member of the state NDP team who helps with all things technology and adds her tender heart for prayer over Minnesota. Sharon’s involvement with National Day of Prayer began in 1985, and her decades of intercession and prayerful connections throughout her state make her a mighty leader in the NDP family of volunteers. However,... Read more >>

Glory Story: Open Hearts Filled

Faithful Coordinators Equipped and Encouraged at 2020's Leader's Summit   This year we are all seeing that virtual does not equal ineffective! There are limits to a virtual gathering format of course, but it also opens doors for people from all corners of the U.S. to join the gathering. For Connecticut state coordinator Sheila Kimball, moving to the virtual format meant she could attend the 2020 Leader’s Summit. “Before the Colorado event cancelled, I was feeling really left out,” Sheila said. Since the pandemic began, Sheila has been increasingly more hands-on in caring for her elderly parents and didn’t feel... Read more >>

Glory Story: Planting Good Seeds

Posting A Prayer Plants A Seed of Hope on Social Media   Now more than ever, words on a screen are often our primary means of communication and expression. Headlines on the TV enrage us, a text message from a loved one makes us smile, and an email can encourage a shift in daily habits.An email from NDP caused a shift in Carolyn’s life when she received the newsletter outlining the Nehemiah Response. The initiative aimed to wade into the chaos of social media and plant seeds of God’s hope to soothe and encourage a place full of flaring tempers... Read more >>