Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
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Announcement from Shirley Dobson

Dear Friends, Americans have championed religious freedom since our earliest days. Many who first sought our shores were fleeing tyranny in search of a land where they could attain liberty and exercise their faith without constraint. As our forefathers labored to lay the groundwork for our republic, they asked God to illuminate their understanding and boldly spoke of His guidance and care. Through the years, personal and corporate prayer has been a source of courage and endurance in affliction, direction and wisdom in uncertainty, and hope and confidence in adversity. In times of prosperity, prayer has conveyed our humble gratitude... Read more >>

President Barack Obama Calls on Americans to Pray

NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER, 2016- - - - - - -BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAA PROCLAMATIONIn times of steady calm and extraordinary change alike, Americans of all walks of life have long turned to prayer to seek refuge, demonstrate gratitude, and discover peace.  Sustaining us through great uncertainty and moments of sorrow, prayer allows us an outlet for introspection, and for expressing our hopes, desires, and fears.  It offers strength in the face of hardship, and redemption when we falter.  Our country was founded on the idea of religious freedom, and we have long upheld the... Read more >>

Watch the National Observance LIVE

2017 NATIONAL OBSERVANCE LIVE FEED Watch the LIVE BROADCAST from 7:30-9:00 PM EDT Click Here  Re-Watch 2016 Join Rep. Robert Aderholt, Dr. Tony Evans, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Mrs. Shirley Dobson, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Senate Chaplain Barry Black, Dr. James Dobson, Anne Graham Lotz, Veritas, Dr. Dick Eastman, Dr. David Butts, Rev. John Bornschein, and more for the 65th annual National Day of Prayer Observance in Washington D.C.When: Thursday, May 5, 2016 Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon ET LIVE This special event will be broadcast live on this web page and on GOD TV, repeating... Read more >>

Watch Pre-National Day of Prayer LIVE from DC

Join Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, Tony Perkins, Dr. James Dobson, Dr. David Butts and Rev. John Bornschein for the Men's Prayer Gathering LIVE from Washington D.C. at the Family Research Council headquarters. This special event will take place on Wednesday, May 4th to prepare our hearts for the National Day of Prayer. When: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Family Research Council Headquarters 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon ET LIVE This special event will be broadcast live via webstream. Click here to watch now >> Read more >>

A Prayer for America

Lord of the Universe. Lord of this planet. Lord of the nations. Lord of our hearts. On this National Day of Prayer, we look to You…In the darkness, You are our Light.In the storm, You are our Anchor.In our weakness, You are our Strength.In our grief, You are our Comfort.In our despair, You are our Hope.In our confusion, You are our Wisdom.In time of terrorism, You are our Shield.In time of war, You are our Peace.In times of uncertainty,You are the Rock on which we stand. We make our prayer to You using the words of the prophet Daniel:O Lord,... Read more >>

Alex Kendrick's Prayer for America

Our Father in heaven, we come before You today, acknowledging You as our Creator. You are the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac, the One who established Your chosen people and through whom You gave Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. You established the promised land of Israel and demonstrated time and time again that if Your people sought You, worshipped You, and obeyed You, that You would bless them with guidance, provision, and protection. But that if they turned away, then You would remove Your hand and allow judgment.   Lord, we also acknowledge that just as Israel... Read more >>

The Need for Hope

Hope-filled biblical focus is needed if we are to see a movement of prayer that moves the hand of God regarding the United States. Christians need to believe that God is not done with our nation and begin praying with passion according to the purposes of God. The focus of our hope must be in God and His Word.   If we look to our politicians, we will not have hope. If we look to our culture, we will lose our hope. If the economy is where we are placing out trust, hope will be lost with every downturn. Our... Read more >>

Why We Pray For America

The National Day of Prayer is a vital part of America’s heritage and is as relevant and critical today as it was at the first call by our Continental Congress in 1775. Established in public law by a joint resolution of Congress, signed by President Truman in 1952, then amended to designate the day under the 100th Congress and President Reagan in 1988, it states that: “The President shall issue each year a proclamation designating the first Thursday in May as a National Day of Prayer on which the people of the United States may turn to God in prayer and... Read more >>

America Awakened from Prayer Coma

Forget the pastoral settings for prayer cast with rolling meadows and fragrant flowers. National Day of Prayer Task Force Vice Chairman John Bornschein unveils prayer for what it really is—a powerful weapon to be wielded in spiritual warfare. His new book A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle is riddled with wartime imagery and anecdotes in a crusade to shake Americans out of the trenches and onto the front line of battle—against the destructive forces dismantling our nation.   Just in time for this year’s National Day of Prayer and only months out from the presidential election, A Prayer Warrior’s... Read more >>

Praying for Revival in America

What is it we are asking for as we pray for revival? Ultimately, it is for the people of God to begin to experience the presence of Christ in a fresh new way. All other results flow from that. Changed lives in the Church as well as transformation in a culture come not from human effort, but the power of God made manifest in the lives of His people. This isn’t about praying for a better life or that things would go smoothly for us. It is about God and His purposes being accomplished. The acknowledged leader of the First... Read more >>