Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
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Pastor, Do You Exercise and Work on Your Physical Fitness?

Busyness. Fatigue. Negligence. Each of these serves as reasons most pastors do not make physical fitness part of their normal day. In our vocation, there seems to be a major disconnect among us regarding the importance of our physical condition. Have you ever considered that you are unable to go where your body and health cannot take you? It is not my intention to create guilt, but motivation. I’m not trying to heap added pressure upon your life along with what you already deal with daily. I simply want to encourage you to take action to care for your physical... Read more >>

Answered Prayer Celebrated in the White House

I was not present this past Saturday afternoon when answered prayer was celebrated in the White House. However, because of live television, I watched Pastor Andrew Brunson, in the presence of the President of the United States, openly and unashamedly proclaim that his freedom from Turkish imprisonment of two years is the result of answered prayer. Members of the cabinet, United States Senate, and United States House of Representatives celebrated the power of answered prayer before the world via television. This open celebration resulted in Pastor Brunson and his wife both praying for President Donald Trump before the entire world.... Read more >>

The Way Forward Post-Kavanaugh

I don’t know about you, but the past three weeks have been some of the worst I have seen in my lifetime. Rarely have I witnessed so much unrestrained hate and vitriol on social media. Shouting matches, offensive retorts and extreme profanity were not an uncommon sight. One professor went as far as to call for the “miserable deaths” and torture of senators in a grotesquely graphic and violent way, while celebrities cursed off our elected officials with the foulest language. Even if you were off social media, you couldn’t escape the chaos. It followed us into our workplaces, churches... Read more >>

Invite God into the Process: An Election Prayer Guide from Prayer Connect Magazine

As we approach our nation's midterm elections, Christians must not only prepare to vote, but pray for the elections, candidates, and the church during this time. I believe my friend Dave Butts has written a wonderful guide for us, currently available in Prayer Connect Magazine. Begin reading below, or go here to see the entire article. Now is the Time to Pray,Ronnie W. Floyd   Invite God into the ProcessAn Election Prayer GuideBy David Butts Is positive change truly possible in our nation today? In every election cycle, American Christians have amazing opportunities sandwiched between grave dangers. We are privileged... Read more >>

4 Prayer Priorities for America, October 2018

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4 Prayer Priorities for America, October 2018

Dear Friends and Fellow Americans, We must mobilize America to prayer. Never, and I mean never in my lifetime has our nation needed prayer more than today. Call upon pastors, churches, and Christian leaders in all spheres of influence in America to pray now for our nation. This is a critical time, the needs are real, and we must join together to pray for America. Will you help us mobilize people to pray for America? I trust you will. 1. ASK GOD TO BE WITH AND SOVEREIGNLY LEAD THE LEADERS OF OUR NATION AND TO BLESS OUR NATION GRACIOUSLY IN THESE... Read more >>

5 Ways You Can Increase Your Intentionality in Your Personal Walk with Christ

There are no shortcuts in your personal walk with Jesus Christ. Just as an athlete has to train their body in order to perform at the maximum level when competition occurs, we even more need to train ourselves in godliness. I want to list several ways you can train yourself in personal godliness. Resolving to take these intentional actions will increase your intensity as you walk with Christ personally: 1. I will develop my spiritual life daily. When you resolve in your heart and mind that you are going to prioritize the development of your own spiritual life, you are... Read more >>

Where is the Truthfulness in America?

Where is the truthfulness in America today? The version of the truth you are presented with depends on the website you read or television network you watch. This same reality is observed on almost every political issue. For those of us who are Christ followers, we must be very careful not to get pulled in by any of these forces. I am one hundred percent for being aware of what is happening in our world, but we need to be careful and discerning. WHAT TRUTHFULNESS IS NOT 1. Truthfulness is not in the eyes of the spectator. 2. Truthfulness is... Read more >>

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the 2018 National Leadership Summit for The National Day of Prayer

Anyone interested in knowing more about the National Day of Prayer should come and join us on October 29-30. Anyone interested in serving or leading or participating in the National Day of Prayer, should also come and join us. People will be coming to Northwest Arkansas from all across the nation to attend our 2018 National Leadership Summit for the National Day of Prayer. The conference begins Monday morning and concludes Tuesday afternoon. You can register here today. Dynamic Worship, Bible Teaching and Preaching, and Visionary Testimony Our Cross Church Singers and Band will lead in outstanding worship during the... Read more >>

One Size Doesn't Fit All: Scriptural Prayers for All Situations | From an Article I Wrote for Prayer Connect Magazine

I'd like to share with you an article I wrote for Prayer Connect Magazine and Church Prayer Leaders Network, which are now part of the National Day of Prayer family. Prayer should be our first option, but what if you don't know how to pray or just feel inadequate when you pray? Even those who feel comfortable talking with God can learn more about prayer. In this article, you can find five scriptural ways to pray. Let it encourage you and help you elevate your prayer life. One Size Doesn't Fit AllScriptural Prayers for All Situations Many years ago, when... Read more >>