Thursday, May 2 nd , 2024
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Show Me the Father from the Kendrick Brothers



KENDRICK BROTHERS’ SHOW ME THE FATHER is the first documentary from our good friends the Kendrick Brothers, the creators of WAR ROOM, FIREPROOF, FACING THE GIANTS, and OVERCOMER.

KENDRICK BROTHERS’ SHOW ME THE FATHER weaves four real-life fathering stories, providing an inspiring, hope-filled reminder of the importance of fathers in families and society.

One of the stories told in KENDRICK BROTHERS’ SHOW ME THE FATHER shares the previously untold faith aspect of the incredible true story of football coaches Sherman Smith and Deland McCullough that was previously told by ESPN. The powerful role of a coach as a father figure is only the beginning of their story.

Dr. Tony Evans, Jim Daly (the president of Focus on the Family), and the Kendrick brothers (Alex, Stephen, and Shannon) are among those whose hope-filled stories are highlighted in KENDRICK BROTHERS’ SHOW ME THE FATHER.

Coming from Sony Pictures’ AFFIRM Films, KENDRICK BROTHERS’ SHOW ME THE FATHER opens in a theater near you on September 10th.

No matter our life experiences, we all have the same promise from our PERFECT HEAVENLY FATHER, who is the Lord Almighty … “I will be a FATHER to YOU, and YOU shall be sons and daughters to ME.” 

Whether we’ve had a ‘good’ father, an absentee father, a ‘bad’ father, a strict father, a substitute father, or no father at all … GOD IS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER! His love is COMPLETE, UNCONDITIONAL, and NEVER FAILS. Let’s take this truth to heart - and to our communities!

Check out their website at Then, forward this email to your contact list and commit to pray regularly for the impact of this film in a culture that desperately needs the freedom and healing that this truth will bring!