Testimonies of Thanks

O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting. 1 Chronicles 16:34 NAS


As the Glory Stories and prayer event reports come rolling into our national office, we are continually lifting up praise and thanks to our Lord for all He orchestrated as we mobilized united public prayer for America, with America, and throughout America, last week! Our National Observance and National Broadcast in Washington D.C. are just the tip of the spear of thousands of other prayer gatherings that our National Day of Prayer Task Force Coordinators plan along with many churches and ministry partners across the nation.

We had prayer leaders in golf carts in Florida going out to meet people in neighborhoods and on the streets to pray while boats prayed up the coastlines and met in docks and on lakes to lift up prayer. Cities have reported Pastors getting together to pray for their city and one another and then going out together to participate together in united prayer with their city. Planes flew over our nation with praying pilots and passengers to cover us from the air while below people mobilized on bicycles, cars and on foot to pray all around their communities.

In the Congressional Cemetery in Washington D.C., at State Capitols and other locations in many states, the Apology to the Native Peoples that had become the law of our land in 2009, but never voiced from our hearts and lips, was spoken to God and to many leaders and members of the various tribes of Native Peoples, and it was graciously received, and forgiveness was released. We lift up our prayers and watch expectantly for what God will do next in bringing healing to relationships as well as to our land. People across the nation and around the world heard this Apology and were prompted to pray and ask forgiveness from God and from the person they hurt when they had spoken or acted in a way that was not “loving as Christ has loved us.” It is never too late to say, “I am sorry.” “Will you please forgive me?” These humble words spoken from a repentant heart have the power to reconcile relationships that have been broken for decades. They can even bring healing to the hearts of those who can no longer speak these words to the person they hurt, because they have passed away. God can still forgive and bring peace to that past sin.

We heard amazing testimonies like that of Will Ford and Matt Lockett who shared their very personal and astonishing journey of friendship, ministry, and a painful discovery that could have torn them apart. But what the enemy meant for harm, God has used as His message of people staying at the table of fellowship and through love in the family of God, using the past to bring love, justice, blessing and righteousness to the present and future.

We want to hear from you! Where did you gather to pray on May 6th and how did that gathering touch your life and maybe even begin to transform your heart or heal a relationship? Did you watch the National Broadcast? If you missed it or would like to re-watch it there is a link on our website so you can pray any time night or day and participate in song, prayer and the gospel message and invitation shared by my co-host Andrew Palau.

We want you to share your glory stories with us of how you were prompted to apologize, or someone apologized to you and healing of broken hearts and possibly even broken relationships are now possible. Let us know how you are continuing to pray for some of the things you heard at your local event and maybe even how God is prompting you to get more involved in your church or community. Is God leading you to be a part of the answer to someone else’s prayer?

Send us your testimony about your National Day of Prayer experience at [email protected] so we can rejoice with you. Will you join me now in thanking Jesus?

Lord Jesus, thank you that we live in a nation that by law, the President must proclaim a day of prayer for our nation. Thank you that You call the Church, Your people to do this EVERY day. Thank you for all of the prayer gatherings that took place that lifted up Your Name in honor and praise. Gatherings where Scripture was read and prayed and the love and message of Jesus was shared. Thank you for forgiveness of our sin when we confess and repent. Thank you for bringing healing to families, communities, and relationships across the nation and around the world. Lord we commit to live out what we have asked Your Spirit to pour out and so we continue to pray in agreement; Lord pour out Your Love, Life and Liberty!

Serving Him with Gladness,


Kathy Branzell


National Day of Prayer Task Force