Thursday, May 2 nd , 2024
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Praise, Exalt and Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! We have been praying for you. We have been praying that your Thanksgiving would be filled with, well… thanks. Despite all that has happened this year, take heart as you remember that God is still God, your God. He is still good, and His love endures forever. If you cannot find anything else to be thankful for, there are four things to put at the top of our list. Please let us encourage you to start a list and spark a season of thanks.

Psalm 118:28-29 You are my God, and I will praise you; you are my God, and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. NIV

Just a few weeks ago we encouraged you to vote; discussing the right and responsibility that we have as Americans to make our voices heard. We are Christ-followers, and so even more vital than voting, is praying. God inclines His ear to hear us. Nothing is more important than the personal relationship you have with Jesus, and worship that includes these parts of prayer are at the heart of your relationship.

No matter how hard, hurtful, disappointing, or uncertain your days are, that is all the more reason to draw near to Him and give thanks. Remembering that He is God, and we are not, gives us peace and strength to persevere because He still knows all there is to know and loves us. Praise reminds us how mighty, awesome, powerful, and praiseworthy He is. His greatness and goodness make us good, even when we don’t feel good. There are many reasons to give Him thanks, past, present, and future. He has been faithful to sustain and sometimes even surprise you with blessings beyond anything you ever thought or imagined. Keep writing your list. What about all the amazing people He has put in your life? Think through the years, the places you have lived, learned, worked, worshipped, served, and more. Say a prayer for them as you thank God for the memories and moments you have shared.

Let us encourage you to look back through your prayer journals, calendars, or wherever you have kept note of your thoughts and time. Think about the times you prayed for protection; the things you prayed would not happen and they never did. Look back at the things that worried you: watching children grow up, the daily routines that challenged you, exhausted you, or the sleepless nights that you have forgotten about until now. Stop and give thanks for all the days that God has brought you through and the seasons He brought you to; the sweet memories captured in pictures and precious memories.

YES! There is so much to say, “Thank you” for and it is unimaginable to think that we would hold back praise and thanks from our God. Let your voice be heard; it matters to God and it will be missed if you stay silent. Trials and troubled days come and go but His love, His love for you, endures forever. His enduring love deserves our enduring thanks.

Will you respond with me in praise and thanks right now?

Lord, I profess that You are God, Creator and King of the universe, and it has been said that “our prayers move the hands that move the universe.” Move our hearts now to exalt you, knowing that Your thoughts and ways are higher than ours, help us to keep You lifted in our lives and lifting thanks from our lips. Lord, in days or trials and triumph You are worthy of thanks. You are not changed by our circumstances and our praise and thanks should never be dependent on them. Lift our heart when it is heavy as we lift our praise. May we remember Your enduring love and goodness all of our days.

We thank God for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

For His Love, Life, and Liberty,

Kathy Branzell


National Day of Prayer Task Force