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God's Grace: The Greatest Second Chance

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our wrongdoings, according to the riches of His grace. Ephesians 1:7

Whether you’re already planning your next tee time or you’ve never picked up a golf club, The Mulligan movie will encourage, challenge, and inspire you.

It is a parable of grace, forgiveness, and restoration, set against the backdrop of a powerful businessman’s crumbling personal life and struggling golf game. When an arrogant executive, Paul, seeks help for his golf skills, a wise old golf pro enters his life and begins mentoring him, pointing this man who is far from God toward what really matters in life. The Old Pro helps Paul see that his life needs a second chance, a do-over: what golfers call ‘a mulligan.’ Between the separation from his wife, estranged son, and residual hurt from a painful childhood, Paul begins to understand that he is powerless in his own strength. He is in desperate need of ‘the ultimate mulligan’, the gift of salvation through Christ and restoration through the Holy Spirit.

“The bible is a box of mulligans,” said Wally Armstrong, a former professional golfer on the PGA tour and co-author of the book, The Mulligan, that the movie is based on. “When the Old Pro talks about the ‘ultimate mulligan’, it’s about believing, not doing. He gives Paul the prayer and explains that Jesus gives you His perfect scorecard in exchange for yours.

“You turn it in and you gain eternal life, but you also gain a personal relationship with Jesus, who promises to walk beside you as your lifelong companion and guide,” Armstrong added. “The Mulligan metaphor describes how this relationship closely mimics a caddy and his player, meaning with Jesus by your side, you will never be alone for the rest of your life.”

The Mulligan book grew out of Armstrong’s heart to share the life-changing power of the gospel, using golf as a parable or metaphor for the truths of faith. He has been sharing Christ through his platform as a golfer since he came to faith in 1968, across college campuses, the PGA golf tour, golf clinics on the mission field, and now The Mulligan book and movie!

“Like the thief on the cross, all you need to know is ‘Jesus loves me,’” said Armstrong. “It’s a free gift; a gift of love.”

Armstrong originally planned The Mulligan to be a children’s book. He had a rough upbringing and wanted the Old Pro character to be a guiding light for young people seeking a good role model. The Lord had a different plan, and with the help of co-author Ken Blanchard, the story of the Old Pro mentoring Paul took shape.

Almost two decades after the book was originally published, it was picked up to become a full-length feature film with producer Rick Eldridge. Once Eldridge and his two sons completed the script, they began looking for actors to fill the roles—except one.

“Normally I cast a wide net for casting, but I had a name—Pat Boone—for the Old Pro,” Eldridge said.

Boone brings to life the Old Pro so beautifully, that every viewer wishes they had him as a mentor. When Paul gets frustrated because of his golf performance or the Old Pro’s teaching techniques, the Old Pro remains steady and kind. He genuinely cares about Paul, and that deep care is most evident when he presents the gospel message through the metaphor of ‘the ultimate mulligan.’

The Mulligan is the most direct message of faith I’ve ever put on a screen,” said Eldridge. “It’s a beautiful illustration of God’s grace, and the moment when the Old Pro shared that message with Paul felt real and natural.”

Boone is the perfect Old Pro for more than his legendary performance skills. He has been a powerful light for Jesus for decades, and a strong supporter of ministry efforts across America. He stood alongside past NDP Task Force Chairman Vonette Bright and others, when President Ronald Reagan signed the legislation amending the 1952 public law, and establishing the National Day of Prayer as The First Thursday of May!

The presentation of the ultimate outpouring of grace, is a real, authentic invitation to accept Christ as Lord and Savior and walk with Him in faith.

“It’s a story and message that will be relevant over time – a second chance,” said Eldridge.

The movie doesn’t end when Paul comes to faith in Christ—it follows him as his life bears the fruit of a relationship with Christ Jesus. He works towards reconciling with his estranged son and the wife he left in separation. While Paul finds that he cannot force the relationships to return to their former joy, he seeks the Lord to do a healing work.

“Paul begins to understand that he doesn’t have to be an all-knowing, Bible-thumping leader; he just has to pick up what little faith he has and apply his love for Christ and lead with Christ,” said Armstrong.

The scenes where Paul and his son argue about the pain they have both felt in the relationship are particularly moving. Armstrong’s own experiences growing up influenced this theme in the story, and as the scripting and filming took place, Eldridge brought the emotional weight to life with impressive depth.

“I got to work on the script with my sons, particularly in the creation of the father/son relationship,” Eldridge said. “I still get a lump in my throat, even after shooting and postproduction, even watching it now.”

The Mulligan leaves no stone unturned, demonstrating how God works and can be glorified in all kinds of relationships: mentors, marriage, parents, children, friends, co-workers, and employees. Paul’s redemption through Christ reverberates to every corner of his life, as the people in his life see consistent, God-honoring change.

“I want audiences to enjoy the entertainment value, and feel challenged in their faith,” said Eldridge.

Along with the movie available for digital download or streaming, The Mulligan team built a resource center for people looking to model Paul’s example of following Christ, and allowing Him to shine light into every area of life.

To access the movie via streaming or digital download, Visit

To interact with dozens of resources to support a journey of faith with Jesus, visit

Will you pray today?

Lord, I exalt You for Your immense power and might. Only You can separate me from my sin as far as the east is from the west through salvation in Christ. You have poured out Your creativity on Your sons and daughters to bring forth this movie; I pray that You would open the hearts of audiences to embrace the message of the gospel. Give Christ followers ears to hear the leading of the Spirit toward becoming more like Jesus, in every relationship and situation. Thank You for bold leaders in entertainment who answer Your call to create works that honor You and encourage others to follow Christ.


In Jesus name, amen.

peace and blessings,

Amy Parks, Communications Coordinator