Thursday, May 2 nd , 2024
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Dress For Success

"Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience." Colossians 3:12


I love to look at wedding pictures, headshots people send with their biographies or what people wear to interviews and anytime they want to impress. There are hundreds of quotes about clothing and fashion but one we hear time and time again is, “Dress for success.” One of my favorite Dr. Charles Stanley principles teaches us to, “Look your best, do your best, be your best.” While it is important to present yourself at your best for each occasion, clothes do not make the man or woman. I grew up hearing, “Pretty is as pretty does,” and “Beauty is only skin deep.” These are true and wise, but today’s Scripture verse closes the gap on how Kingdom citizens truly “dress for success.”

As followers of Jesus we are chosen, holy and dearly loved. Pause and ponder that for a moment… or more. Some of us may have needed to hear that today. There is not better news or higher status. In the measurement of success to use another quote, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” There is nothing we could ever buy, achieve; no title or position that would be higher, no fame or name that is greater than, “chosen, holy, loved child of God.” So what does the wardrobe of a child of the Most High God look like? According to Scripture we are to clothe ourselves in compassion, kindness, gentleness, and patience.

We have been discussing love as we have focused on praying for marriage and family throughout the month of February. If you have read our previous articles and watched my Friday Facebook videos these characteristics should prompt other verses that our Lord has spoken about love. “Love is patient, love is kind… Patience, kindness, humility and forgiveness are not optional accessories, but standard uniform issued to us, they are the evidence of the Spirit’s work in our lives. Love is a verb, it is affection in action, spoken and shown every day to everyone that Jesus puts in our path. Prayer is an essential part of our mornings as we prepare for our day and throughout the day as we would check our look in the mirror during the day. You will encounter all kinds of people who have experienced being abandoned and rejected – not chosen; people who seek to be a part of the crowd and popular with culture- not holy and set apart and you get to respond in the depth and beauty of God’s everlasting love for you. When the world wants to put you down or dress you down, remember your royal wardrobe and respond in the Lord’s lavish love.

Will you please join with me in prayer now?

Lord Jesus, we exalt You as Love and the author and perfecter of our love. You are the God who clothes the lilies and grass of the fields, and we thank You as we know how much more you clothe us in Your great care! As we choose what we wear every day remind us to clothe ourselves in Your compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience as we also put on the full armor of God. You have told us to be careful to do as You have commanded, and then we will have success. Throughout the day remind us that we belong to a Kingdom family and to present ourselves in a way that honors and reflects our Heavenly Father. Thank you for choosing us, loving us and setting us apart but we remember that we are to be in the world, not of it; showing the world your love and inviting the world to be loved too.


Serving Him with gladness,

Kathy Branzell

President, National Day of Prayer Task Force