Thursday, May 1 st , 2025
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2021 National Day of Prayer - The Answer is YES!

The answer is YES!

With many states having opened up for gatherings, YES, we are planning in-person events around our nation, from east to west, from shore to shore on the National Day of Prayer! YES, a few will gather in Washington D.C., although extremely limited by Capitol and covid restrictions for our National Observance, but thankfully, YES, we will be gathering together virtually that evening for our National Broadcast where we can express united prayer and experience togetherness as a nation right where we live.

Through the shutdowns of last year, and all that we have learned this year, we ‘pivot’ – not to LESS, but to MORE! As you read this letter, across the nation in every state our coordinators are eagerly planning prayer gatherings in churches, parks, city halls, state buildings and much more. Some events in person, some virtual, and some both – all in the spirit of MORE!

We’re asking all of our volunteers to observe CDC and local guidelines while they rally tens of thousands of events with millions of people fervently praying this year’s theme, Lord, Pour Out Your LOVE, LIFE, and LIBERTY!

LOVE that should never be underestimated or wrongly defined by what we have in mind or what we have experienced in ‘supposed earthly love.’ LOVE that is not merely an emotion, but that should set us in motion. Not fueled by earthly desires but eternal destinies that are at stake.

LIFE that is a gift from God, that we live not for ourselves, but for Him and for others. LIFE that is valued and treasured, LIFE that we ultimately give back to Him as a gift. LIFE that we recognize as sacred and holy, whether young or old, born or unborn. LIFE that is abundant and eternal.

LIBERTY that Jesus came to give. Not just freedoms in America, but true LIBERTY for all who are in bondage to sin and death. LIBERTY that breaks every chain and shackle, that turns our painful memories into praise-filled miracles!

TRUE LOVE, LIFE, and LIBERTY as designed and defined by God alone.

Last year, you received our Spring letter when everything was shutting down. Amidst the uncertainty and economic turmoil, many of our friends and supporters held back on giving and purchasing resources, and our ministry’s income plummeted dramatically. It has been painful, but God has provided, month by month. We stepped UP, not BACK in those months, increasing and expanding our prayer initiatives because our nation needs MORE prayer, not LESS!

This moment in time is significant for our nation, and for the National Day of Prayer Task Force – and we need your help pressing in and pressing on. We need you to support the work and purchase resources to promote prayer this year. We need your gift to continue to mobilize unified public prayer for America on the First Thursday in May and beyond! Every gift is significant, no matter the amount, in the hands of God.

We need your partnership to help press forward. In this anniversary year when we are celebrating 70 years, seven decades of prayer for America, it would be easy to rest on our laurels, but we cannot. We must press into each day and the coming decades even MORE fervently, knowing that the challenges for our nation are INCREASING, not DECREASING!

Imagine what our nation would look like if God’s people had not been praying. From the beginning, prayer has been woven into the very fabric of our nation … it has been the thread that God has used to knit us together and to hold our nation together. Now imagine America without prayer – if weary hearts were tattered and torn into silence. We are the ones who are called to mend the fraying fabric of our culture, by appealing to our God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above what we can even ask or think! Now that’s an America that I want to imagine! Will you help us mobilize MORE prayer? Will you partner with us by giving a generous gift to mobilize MORE people to pray – and mend the fabric of our culture that is worn and frayed?

With the National Day of Prayer just weeks away, NOW is the time to act.

Pray with us, promote prayer in your community, gather with us virtually on Thursday evening, May 6th during our National Broadcast. By giving a generous one-time gift or committing to a monthly donation, you help keep the work of the National Day of Prayer Task Force moving forward!

Will you prayerfully participate and partner with us mobilizing MORE unified public prayer for America? Please click here to give a generous one time gift online or click here to set-up a monthly, recurring gift. Either way, thank you for committing to be a generous giver and a passionate pray-er!

Serving Him with Gladness,

Kathy Branzell


National Day of Prayer Task Force

The National Day of Prayer Resource Catalog is Ready! ORDER YOUR RESOURCES TODAY! Prepare, Promote, and Pray!

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