Legacy of Prayer


The Legacy of Prayer Fund is designed to enable the National Day of Prayer Task Force to continue its ground-breaking mobilization efforts that began 33 years ago when the organization was founded by the late Vonette Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ - by the petition of the Reverend Billy Graham. Today, it is led by Kathy Branzell, and under her leadership, the National Day of Prayer Task Force trains and equips a grassroots movement that has mobilized over 600,000 prayer gatherings across the country where an estimated 40 million people joined together, lifting a voice of petition and intercession for our nation.

Annually, more than 2 million prayer guides are distributed and over 1.5 million people - weekly - are equipped with prayer resources and training. This past year, the organization outreach grew 177%! In order to continue our ministry to Engage, Encourage and Equip a volunteer network of over 30,000 people, the National Day of Prayer has entered into a trusted partnership with National Christian Foundation (NCF) to facilitate large and non-cash gifts to our ministry.  NCF is the largest Christian grant-making foundation in the world. They offer innovative, tax-smart solutions help you simplify your giving, multiply your impact, and glorify God. Since 1982, NCF has received $5.5 billion in contributions and made over $4 billion in grants to thousands of churches, ministries, and non-profits.

This special fund will not be utilized for the general budget of the organization. Rather, this Legacy of Prayer Fund is designed to maintain the momentum by providing necessary resources for increasing impact and outreach for years to come. These efforts will ensure that this American tradition - one that began in 1775, when the Continental Congress declared, "We have appointed a continental fast. Millions will be upon their knees at once before their great Creator, imploring His forgiveness and blessing; His smiles on American councils and arms" - will be preserved so that future generations will remember our foundation of prayer as a nation.

To Learn More

  • Contact the National Day of Prayer offices at 719-559-9560
  • Contact the National Christian Foundation directly and speak with Dave Worland at 423.822.1007 regarding The National Day of Prayer Legacy Single Fund and reference ID# 1265165


The National Day of Prayer is delighted to work with notable organizations and financial planners who are able to assist you in making a Legacy of Prayer Contribution, which will impact generations to come.

Special Projects

There are a number of ways you can help the National Day of Prayer Task Force minister to the needs of thousands of people annually.

  • CORRESPONDENCE MINISTRY: Each year, thousands of prayer requests are prayed over and responded to personally, expressing our care and concern. Your regular, monthly support helps us provide this important service. A gift of $25 will provide this helpful encouragement to 40 people.
  • MILITARY OUTREACH: Hundreds of military support kits for military families are sent out each year. Complete with a Bible, Psalm 91 devotional, Prayer Guide, and Bandana, this unique kit provides Biblical direction and encouragement to these families. $50 monthly will provide these resources to 125 military families.
  • PUBLIC SCHOOL MINISTRY: The National Day of Prayer has produced a state-of-the-art, multi-media curriculum for public schools that teaches the truth about out Founding Fathers and their dependence on Providence (Almighty God). This social studies standards aligned kit is complete with textbooks and DVDs and is ready to ship. This past year, more than 450 American history curriculum kits were distributed and to date, more than 155,000 students have been taught the true foundations of American history. Over the next year, through our scholarship fund, we will equip 600 more public school classrooms. Your gift of $150 will enable us to equip a classroom today.
  • VOLUNTEER TRAINING AND EQUIPPING: Each year, the National Day of Prayer will train and equip over 1,000 new volunteers who are mobilizing prayer in their communities. Your contribution of $100 will make an eternal impact, allowing us to train and equip a new volunteer.
  • ENCOUNTER EVENTS: With the help of more than 30,000 volunteers, tens of thousands of events are organized and held every year - and not just on the first Thursday of May! Although the Day of Prayer is a globally observed solemn assembly, the NDP Task Force unites communities throughout the year through regional training events, community prayer rallies, and special gatherings like The Summons. With your continued support, strategic regional events will enable our leadership team to bring essential training, coaching and support to volunteer coordinators from coast to coast. A $75 monthly gift will help us to connect with 4,500 new people.
  • CHURCH OUTREACH: We realize that the local church is a critical link in the mobilization of God's people in prayer. This coming year, we have a goal of developing new partnerships with thousands of churches nationwide. A gift of $50 will provide prayer resources to one church.
  • These are just a few of our many special projects each year. If you are interested in supporting the National Observance in Washington D.C. (May 1-3, 2018) or The National Prayer Summit (October 2018), please contact our office at 719-559-9560.

The National Day of Prayer is delighted to work with notable organizations and financial planners who are able to assist you in making a Legacy of Prayer Contribution, which will impact generations to come.