Thursday, May 2 nd , 2024
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The Power of Intercessory Prayer

It was quite a scene. The Israelites were at it again. Despite the patient leadership of Moses, the Israelites were on the verge of destroying themselves, forgetting the covenant relationship that Israel entered into with the Lord at Sinai. (Numbers 16) A rebellious majority formed a leadership alliance of 250 men and approached Moses and Aaron telling them that they had gone too far, that no one should have so much authority.

Fast forward to a similar situation in America today and voices would be raised, heads would roll. Moses’ response was one of absolute humility. He fell face down and instructed the people to show up the following day with their incense and incense holders and see who God would accept. The next day the glory of the Lord appeared to everyone and God told Moses and Aaron to get back so He could, “put an end to them.”

Again, Moses’ response was incredible. He fell face down and cried out to God to save the people, but the damage was done. God caused an earthquake to occur and swallowed up the leaders of the rebellious alliance, their families, and all their belongings. Then fire came out from the Lord and consumed the remaining 250.

You would think that this would have been enough to convince even the worst skeptics, but just a few verses later the Israelites are back at it, and this time it was worse. Not just a few, but the entire assembly of the Israelites revolted. As they gathered in front of the Tent of Meeting the same thing happened … only with a twist.

God instructed Moses and Aaron to get back so that He could destroy the entire nation, and with that a plague spread out from the Tent of Meeting and began to destroy the Israelites. With no recorded directive from God, Moses told Aaron to take his censer, incense, and fire from the altar “and hurry to the assembly to make atonement.”

Aaron sprinted from the front of the crowd toward the back as the deadly plague was released over the congregation. In front of him people were gasping, moaning, and dying. Chaos ensued as fear gripped the crowd, and the people began to stampede. As Aaron gained ground toward the edge of death, the scriptures say, “He stood between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped.”

There is a plague of death sweeping America today. Will you unite with us in our effort to Get America Praying by mobilizing thousands of additional intercessors to stand in the GAP between life and death, to help avert judgment and bring Christ’s atonement to this country? The plague of death is quickly progressing over virtually every area of our culture. Now is the time to pray and act with humility and concern for every American.

Join us on the National Day of Prayer and please visit to learn how to join this nationwide intercessory effort.

Dave Kubal serves as President / CEO of IFA