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40-day_prayer_guide_cover.jpg40-Day Prayer Guide

The Fast Forward 40-Day Prayer Guide is a resource that was built to serve those who have a desire to pray for revival in America and who desire to see our nation transformed for the glory of God.

The expectation is that this guide will be used over 40 days. Over this period, this guide will lead you, as an intercessor for America, through a process of praying for every “sphere” of influence in our society. As an intercessor, you will be praying for five or six consecutive days for each sphere. For example, from day one through day six, you will be praying for the the “Church (Religion)” Sphere. From days seven through twelve, you will be praying for the “Family and Marriages” sphere.

Within each of these broad focuses, you will be given a daily prayer focus, listed at the top of each page of the guide. The red tab at the bottom of each page will remind you what sphere you are praying for on any given day.

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United States Prayer Map

This 31-day prayer map helps you focus your prayers on a different state or states each day of the month. The map also contains other helpful tools to guide and fuel your prayer for the United States.

Created by our friends at Every Home for Christ.

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Election Prayer Guide

This prayer guide shares seven areas to pray over in regards to elections. Created by NDP Task Force board chairman Dave Butts, of Harvest Prayer Ministries.

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*Guide originally published in Prayer Connect magazine.



30_Ways_to_Pray.jpg30 Ways to Pray for People in Authority

Scripture instructs us to pray for all in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-2), but how do we do that, exactly? Here are 30 ways to pray for our leaders—our judges, educators, police chiefs, school board members, military officers, elected officials, and others who serve our country by leading. By doing this, you are standing in the gap, intervening between God and those in authority. You can also join others who are praying for our nation’s leaders by checking out our online prayer community:

Stand together with other praying believers, share prayer requests and answers, educate yourself on issues and more.

30 Ways to Pray, and one easy way to connect in prayer!

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Freedom to Praise, Pray, & Proclaim — Study 4 Youth

This Freedom series is designed for Youth as they prepare for the National Day of Prayer.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Powerpoint Powerpoint Powerpoint
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Teach Us To P.R.A.Y.

An ideal resource for preparing your church for the annual National Day of Prayer. This small group curriculum includes:

  • Children's Study (Kidz 6-11)
  • Youth Study (Youth 12-17)
  • Adult Study (Adults 18 and Up) focusing on the acronym P.R.A.Y.
  1. Praise – Thank God for what He has already accomplished through Jesus.
  2. Repent – Confess your sins and shortcomings. Repent personally and on behalf of our nation. The Lord is quick to forgive when we come to Him.
  3. Ask – Ask God to reveal truth, turn our hearts back toward Him, and bring healing.
  4. Yield – Yield to the Lord and recognize that He has heard our prayers and will answer according to His will.  He is waiting to provide guidance and direction.
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Fresh Encounter — A 28 Day Devotional Guide 


Designed to help you understand from Scripture and history how God works to revive His people and use them to change their world. Study it individually and in small groups or churchwide to understand and respond to God's requirements for genuine revival. Suggestions for 4 small-group sessions are included.

God is on mission to redeem a lost world, but when His people depart from Him, that work is hindered. Fresh Encounter is designed for use in churches in the 4 weeks leading up to the National Day of Prayer (observed in May) and for other times of prayer emphasis.


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The Power of Family Prayer

If you are looking for a personal or group study on the concepts of prayer and the impact on the home and family, then this downloadable guide will be a helpful tool in your journey.


  • Why Pray? – Learn what prayer is and how it works.
  • Teach Children How to Pray – Explore simple steps that will have a lasting impression on children and young adults.
  • Apply the P.R.A.Y. Concepts – Handy worksheets help readers dig deeper into the fundamentals of prayer.

As we Pray for America, who’s pledge of allegiance recounts that we are “one nation under God”, and whose currency states that it is “in God we trust”, we want American’s to encounter the God who rules over their country. He is the One who gave us this promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." As we encounter Him, we will be changed, and will change America through prayer.

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50-Day Prayer Calendar

1 Alabama State population 4.8 million  Matthew 12:25
2 Alaska State population 710,000  Psalm 34:1-8
3 Arizona State population 6.4 million  Isaiah 35:1-2
4 Arkansas State population 2.9 million  Acts 17:24-28
5 California State population 37.2 million  Ezekiel 37:1-14
6 Colorado State population 5 million  Psalm 1:1-3
7 Connecticut State population 3.6 million  Psalm 5:11-12
8 Delaware State population 900,000  Isaiah 61:1-3
9 Florida State population 18.8 million  Jeremiah 29:11-14
10 Georgia State population 9 million  Psalm 37: 30-31
11 Hawaii State population 1.4 million  Proverbs 21:21
12 Idaho State population 1.6 million  Psalm 111
13 Illinois State population 12.8 million  Isaiah 28
14 Indiana State population 6.5 million  Psalm 16:5-11
15 Iowa State population 3 million   Jeremiah 33:3
16 Kansas State population 2.9 million   Isaiah 62:6-7&10
17 Kentucky State population 4.3 million   Ephesians 3:14-21 
18 Louisiana State population 4.5 million   Hebrews 4:12-16
19 Maine State population 1.3 million   Lamentations 5:21
20 Maryland State population 5.8 million   1 Timothy 2:1-8
21 Massachusetts State population 6.5 million   Philippians 1:9-11
22 Michigan State population 9.9 million   Micah 6:8
23 Minnesota State population 5.3 million   Joshua 1:8-9
24 Mississippi State population 3 million   Isaiah 54
25 Missouri State population 6 million   Psalm 26
26 Montana State population 1 million   Haggai 2:6-9
27 Nebraska State population 1.8 million   Psalm 45:3-4
28 Nevada State population 2.7 million   Psalm 102:15-22
29 New Hampshire State population 1.3 mission   Psalm 117:1-2
30 New Jersey State population 8.8 million   Isaiah 60:18
31 New Mexico State population 2 million   Isaiah 35
32 New York State population 19.4 million   Isaiah 55:6-11
33 North Carolina State population 9.5 million   Acts 3:19-21
34 North Dakota State population 675,000   Isaiah 54:2
35 Ohio State population 11.5 million   Matthew 19:25-26
36 Oklahoma State population 3.8 million   Ezekiel 36:27-28
37 Oregon State population 4 million   Isaiah 40:28-31
38 Pennsylvania State population 12.7 million   Psalm 125:3
39 Rhode Island State population 1 million   Psalm 31:19-24
40 South Carolina State population 4.6 million   Psalm 145:5, 9-10
41 South Dakota State population 815,000   Ephesians 4:1-6
42 Tennessee State population 6.3 million   Micah 6:8
43 Texas State population 25 million   Habakkuk 2:1
44 Utah State population 2.8 million   John 17:16-17
45 Vermont State population 626,000   Psalm 133
46 Virginia State population 8 million   Psalm 51:12-13
47 Washington State population 6.7 million   Psalm 111:10
48 West Virginia State population 1.9 million   Exodus 23:30
49 Wisconsin State population 5.7 million   Philippians 3:13-14
50 Wyoming State population 564,000   Jeremiah 33:3


Please also pray for the U.S. Territories:

  • District of Columbia – Population 600,000
  • Puerto Rico – Population 3.7 Million
  • Northern Mariana Islands – Population 54,000
  • U.S. Virgin Islands – Population 106,000
  • American Samoa – Population 56,000
  • Guam – Population 159,000
Sources: Population data for each state from the U.S. Census Bureau, "Demographic Profiles: Census 2010." - ‘Percentage of Each State's Population that affiliates with Evangelical Protestant Tradition’ gathered from Pew Research U.S. Religious Landscape Survey website (