Thursday, May 2 nd , 2024
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Growing Your Prayer Life

Coordinators from around the nation share their wisdom for developing a strategic, fervent and powerful prayer life.


West Region NAL Barbara Ingmire shares about building up intercessory prayer to build a prayer shield.


North Central NAL Barb Hibma shares about the power of praying Scripture.


Georgia state coordinator Mark Mirza explains the Biblical call on men to seek the Lord in prayer.


Shree Shaw Lovett, Alabama state coordinator, shares prayers that the Holy Spirit has taught Shree to pray, and how the Holy Spirit prepares her heart to pray.


Gina Gibson, Mountain States NAL, shares wisdom on the power of prayer and fasting, and offers insight on different types of fasting.


Nevada state coordinator Gloria Campman shares her wisdom on the power of different kinds of fasts and prayer gatherings.


West Region NAL, Barbara Ingmire, shares the elements of a lifestyle of Godly leadership, including humility, honor, discernment, stability, Church and submitting to the proper authority.


Barbara Ingmire, West Region NAL, explains how God led her to begin praying for Israel, and why you should join in the prayers for Israel.


Southeast region NAL Gwen Bradley discusses why and how to pray for Israel.


Barbara Ingmire, NAL for the West Region, shares her heart about approaching prayer with the mindset of a warrior.


Pennsylvania state coordinator David Martin explains the six W's to having an effective prayer journey.