Thursday, May 1 st , 2025
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Coordinator Video Library - An "Aha!" Moment

Listen to state coordinators from around the country share an "aha!" moment, where they learned an important lesson or gained valuable wisdom as a volunteer.


Alabama state coordinator Shree Shaw Lovett shares about learning to pray more strategically.


Indiana state coordinator Yaqub Masih explains how God answered prayers for a Covid-19 breakthrough after a prayer gathering.


Iowa state coordinator shares a bit of Iowa's history and explains how the history leads her into prayer.


Kentucky state coordinator Spike Latimer explains how he works to support the diverse needs of local coordinators.


Maine state coordinators and National Area Leaders Rick and Robin McLaughlin share about a special observance event in the capital building in Augusta.


Massachusetts state coordinator Angelo Rajadurai shares the learning curves and revelations of his first year as a state coordinator.


Mississippi state coordinator Debra Brown explains how God called her to intercessory prayer.


Nebraska state coordinator explains how she invites people to join in prayer.


Pennsylvania state coordinator David Martin shares his moment of revelation when he felt the call to move from one day of prayer on the National Day of Prayer to mobilizing year-round prayer for America.


Rhode Island state coordinator Cheryl Russell shares about a time where she felt God's Spirit during a moment of discouragement.


South Dakota state coordinator Amy Wagner shares valuable insight on building relationships with leaders in her state.


Texas state coordinator William Lumry introduces the scripture behind the seven mountains of Influence, also called the mountains of power.


Texas state coordinator William Lumry explains how to pray for the mountains of power.


Utah state coordinator Ron Flessner shares a story about God's protection while traveling to tell people about National Day of Prayer.


Virginia state coordinator Pastor Glen Lutz explains how he continued to minister to his congregation via conference call Bible studies to protect the spiritual and physical health of his congregants.


Washington D.C. city chairperson Dr. Corinthia Boone shares about the importance of remaining faithful in the face of obstacles.


Wisconsin state coordinator Joleen Helbig explains how the created and distributed prayer resources to believers desiring to pray.


Wyoming state coordinator Gina Gibson shares an encouraging word for interacting with leaders and praying for them.