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2022 Summit Teachings

NDP Task Force coordinators from around the nation gathered in Philadelphia, PA in September of 2022 to be educated, encouraged, and equipped to continue in the calling of mobilizing unified, public prayer for America. It was a powerful time of fellowship and fresh vision from the Lord. The 2023 Summit will be held September 14-17 at the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky!


SESSION 1, Thursday

Pennsylvania State Coordinator David Martin opens the first session in prayer.


NDP President Kathy Branzell and Vice President Dion Elmore share gratitude and prayer for our 2022 Summit host, American Bible Society, and honor our ABS hostess, Laura Gish.


NDP President Kathy Branzell opens the 2022 Summit with the first session, exhorting attendees to Seek First the Kingdom of God, out of Matthew 6:33.


NDP Task Force National Area Leaders lead a concert of prayer. In order: Gwen Bradley, Southeast Region - Barbara Ingmire, West Region - Sylvia Williams, Midwest Region - Gary and Barb Hibma, North Central Region - Fallon and Kenya Proctor, East Region - Gina Gibson, Mountain Region - Sarah Lowe, South Central Region - Robin McLaughlin, Northeast Region - Dion Elmore, NDP Task Force Vice President


SESSION 2, Friday Morning

Philadelphia City Coordinator and Delaware Valley Regional Coordinator, Mary Campbell, opens the morning in a prayer over the city of Philadelphia.


NDP Task Force President Kathy Branzell brings a message out of Jeremiah 29:11-13, encouraging attendees to attend to the matters of the heart, and seek God with all their heart.


Northeast National Area Leader Robin McLaughlin shares a message about approaching our assignment from the Lord. Following the message, NDP President Kathy Branzell leads a time of prayer response to the message.


North Central National Area Leaders Gary and Barb Hibma share a testimony about an event that occurred at their church, and then teach on spiritual warfare and how to effectively pray for pastors.


NDP Task Force President Kathy Branzell teaches on the heart, connecting the 2022 theme to the new 2023 theme.


NDP Task Force Vice President Dion Elmore teaches on the spiritual tools of prayer, and how to use the NDP resources alongside these spiritual tools.


NDP Task Force President Kathy Branzell shares information and inspiration from the history of the National Day of Prayer law and the inception of the Task Force.


Mountain Region National Area Leader, and Ambassador to Children, Gina Gibson teaches on listening to the Lord, being still, and ministering to children. NDP Task Force President Kathy Branzell then brings a prayerful response.


Friday Evening - Special Guests

Sheryl Price, from the 13 Colony Council, brings a message about walking in liberty in Christ.


Alliance Defending Freedom Prayer Initiatives Director, Marcus Harris, brings an update on the status of the Generational Wins in 2022, and gives insight into how to continue praying in 2023. Following his message, NDP President Kathy Branzell prays for Marcus Harris, then opens and closes a time of prayer for the Generational Wins.


SESSION 3, Saturday Morning

NDP Task Force President Kathy Branzell teaches about praying within the NDP family--pursuing the Lord together with pure hearts, out of 2 Timothy 2:22-26.


NDP Task Force East Region National Area Leaders, Fallon and Kenya Procter, teach on a new initiative in the East Region, called NDP C3, focusing on mobilizing young people to pray for our nation.


NDP South Central National Area Leader, Sarah Lowe, discusses the importance and procedures of the NDP Prayer Line.


NDP West Region National Area Leader, Barbara Ingmire, teaches on the Way of the Intercessor in 2022. In her teaching, she references Psalm 2:6, Psalm 122:6, and Genesis 2:22. Following the teaching, NDP President Kathy Branzell gives a prayer response.


NDP Midwest Region National Area Leader Sylvia Williams teaches on Working Smarter Not Harder: How to Structure Your State to be Self-Sustaining. Following her teaching, NDP President Kathy Branzell gives a prayer response, and invites attendees to respond in prayer as well.


NDP Southeast Region National Area Leader Gwen Bradley teaches on Building A Culture of Discernment. Following her teaching, NDP President Kathy Branzell gives a prayer response.


Georgia State Coordinator Mark Mirza offers a few words on prayerfully considering generosity to the NDP Task Force.


NDP Task Force president Kathy Branzell gives insight into giving a great interview through a mock interview with communications coordinator Amy Parks, and explains how to leverage community media partners. Kathy goes on to share vision and inspiration for what it means to be an NDP Task Force Coordinator.


John Whaley leads the attendees through the process of experiencing a Rooftop Encounter, followed by a time of sharing what a few attendees experienced during the Encounter.


SESSION 4, Saturday Evening

NDP Task Force president Kathy Branzell teaches on seeking the Lord continually and being transformed into the image of Christ.


NDP Task Force president Kathy Branzell commissions the attendees of the 2022 Summit. Following the commissioning, Gwen Bradley, National Liaison For Prayer Mobilization and Partnerships, prays over the gathering and sending out of the freshly commissioned coordinators.


The 2023 Summit location is announced, and NDP Task Force Vice President Dion Elmore gives the final prayer of the 2022 Summit.