An Encouraging Testimony from an NDP Volunteer

I want to share a beautiful testimony by our Cayuga County (OH) NDP Coordinator, Carla Varga. This communication taught me a great deal.

  • We need to pray fervently for our NDP family and those going through personal battles.
  • It demonstrates a commitment to trust God in all things and all times.
  • We should not give up (Galatians 6:9).
  • We must stand and defend our field like one of David’s mighty men (2 Samuel 23:11-12).

I hope her testimony blesses you as well.


An Encouraging Testimony from an NDP Volunteer“I've been involved with National Day of Prayer for about 15 years and have been the coordinator for my county for the last 5 years. I met Lisa Crump in 2016 when she came to Cleveland during the Republican National Convention and we've stayed connected since. When I saw her in Arkansas at the National Day of Prayer Leadership Summit, I asked her if she still stayed in touch with Anne Graham Lotz because it was on my heart to want to connect with her in light of her recent diagnosis.

"I too was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer/Triple Negative stage 3B on March 9, 2018. I received 4 months of chemotherapy and on August 17th I had a mastectomy. I found it very interesting that that was the day Anne was diagnosed! I had just finished 5 weeks of radiation therapy. Whew!!!

"God has been beyond amazing through this journey; it is hard to put into words! He is faithful when we are faithless and absolutely does walk with us through the valley of the shadow because HE IS THE LIGHT!!!!

"One thing that is of utmost importance is that I'm praying for Anne as she walks through this journey. As things are still very fresh for me, I can identify with much of what she is going through. The day I heard my news, my first response was 'well, this is really inconvenient!' Similar to Anne, I had to drastically shift my calendar! I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist with my own business, I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, worship leader and coordinator for National Day of Prayer! I can tell you that my Abba Father has been so good to me and every KEY event that was important to me, I did NOT miss:

  • May 3 - National Day of Prayer
  • June 3 - my youngest daughter's bridal shower
  • July 27 - her wedding!!!
  • Sept 10-12 - a key appointment in Chicago for my middle daughter for a treatment to stop Multiple Sclerosis
  • October 29-30 - National Day of Prayer Leadership Summit in Arkansas. Three of us drove (from Cleveland-Great Lakes region) and also stopped in St. Louis for a key prayer assignment!

"ONLY GOD could have orchestrated all this. To Him alone be the glory! I just love Him so, what a mighty God we serve!

"I share all this to encourage Anne and others that the Lord will make a way for her to NOT miss anything that HE has for her to do. Much of that is just sitting in His presence, worshipping, listening to His word, resting, praying.

"I pray Anne is encouraged by so many covering her and her family in prayer! I could have never gotten through without the fervent effective prayers of the saints!"

In Christ,

Carla Varga
Cuyahoga County Coordinator (Cleveland, Ohio) National Day of Prayer


Friends, together we stand amazed at this selfless devotion and commitment of this volunteer coordinator. Glory to God as we ask Him for healing for Carla, Anne Graham Lotz and others to testify again and again to His great faithfulness!

--Lisa Crump, Vice President of Volunteer Mobilization and Liaison to Prayer Ministries