The Purpose of Hopeful Prayer – Week One

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." - James 5:16b[hr]

Availing Through Prayer

  • A key purpose of hopeful prayer is to ‘avail much’!

    • Availing means to have or exercise force.

    • Much means abundantly or in every way.

Availing Prayer must be Intentional

  • In order to avail, we must set out with the purpose of accomplishing something.

  • In order for us to avail, or exercise force against something in a great or abundant way.

    • Our prayers must be focused!

    • Our prayers must be effective!

    • Our prayers must be fervent!

Availing Prayer must be Forceful

  • The words translated effective and fervent are translated from the same root word that we get our English word ‘energy’ from. It means ‘to be active or efficient’.

  • 2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us that the weapons of our warfare, one of those being ‘all prayer’, are mighty in God for the ‘tearing down’ of the enemy’s strongholds!

  • We pray effectively and fervently because we know that through our prayers:

    • We can intentionally, exercise force against strongholds and sickness!

    • We can in a great or abundant way effect and influence circumstances and situations!

Challenge for Life Change

  • According to John Wesley, “Prayer is where the action is."

  • Purpose to be ‘where the action is” in your prayer life. If you want to effect change in your family, your work place, your community, and your nation, you must take effective and fervent action in prayer!