The Power of Family Prayer

“Dad, I’m so hungry. May I have some bread?”Family

Does that sound like a prayer to you? Or is it more like a child asking his father for what he needs? God invites us to come to Him as a little child. It’s as simple as saying, “Daddy, I need you.”

God holds the key to all your longings: provision, protection, belonging, compassion, forgiveness. And He wants to provide them for you . . . just ask Him. He strengthens and encourages you and your family through your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer—corporate family prayer—is the power source from which that faith derives its life. Families that pray together lay hold of the very power of God to cope with the challenges of daily living.

Below, you will find a guide (for download) that contains a bundle of suggestions and helpful resources. This guide, The Power of Family Prayer, is our free gift to you from the National Day of Prayer Task Force. It offers practical, motivating ideas and encouragement designed to help families unite and witness the power of God. You’ll see that prayer is really quite simple and that it is the single most important experience your family can share. In addition, activities and unforgettable testimonies of real people reveal just what can happen when we pray.

Prayer can be as dynamic and varied as your own imagination and creativity. Mealtime and bedtime are great starting points, but God has so much more in store for you as your family learns to talk to Him. Prayers can be spoken aloud, sung, staged, danced or even painted. The possibilities are endless as you turn your family’s heart toward the Lord. You’ll want to begin a journal of requests in order to refresh your memory and jump-start your words of thanksgiving.

God wants your family to shine like lights in a rapidly darkening and dysfunctional world. He desires each member to have his or her eyes open to realities that others refuse to see. He longs for you to walk with Christ through a larger, more wondrous world than some are capable of imagining. Take the roof off and establish a direct link between your home and the heart of the King of all creation.

No greater or more crucial task has been entrusted to us as parents than that of teaching our children to pray. Your children have already had practice when they’ve said, “Dad, may I have some bread?” So, let's get started. Download The Power of Family Prayer_2014 now.