Promoting Your Event in Local Media

With the National Day of Prayer observance just a little over a month away, now is the time to begin your plan for promoting your event through local media – specifically radio and television stations.

Each year, we work to provide you with tools that you can use to rally hundreds in your community to respond to our President’s annual National Day of Prayer proclamation.  You can do this by using these tools to encourage people to ‘turn to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals.’ As an annual national observance established in public law (105-225), many local media stations will be interested in promoting these events as a public service.Media_Graphic.jpg

Our theme this year is For Your Great Name’s Sake! Hear us …Forgive us …Heal us! - taken from Daniel 9:19. As May 4th approaches, we’ve made theme-based promotional videos, radio spots, along with web banners and links available on our website. Your local stations can feature these prominently on their stations, websites, and in their social media. 

Step One

As a first step, contact your local radio and television stations. Speak to the program manager and let them know that you have some great pre-recorded PSA spots (Public Service Announcement) that they are free to use and to tag with event locations and times in your community.

Step Two

Second, either forward this link to them (, or click here to download the files for yourself. We have four variations of both a 30 second and 60 second audio spots featuring our new Chairman, Anne Graham Lotz. We also have a short video (one minute) and a full-length version (2.5 minutes) that can be tagged with your local community information – both radio and televisions stations will be able to provide that service for you.

Step Three

Third, having a local personality 'voice' your information tag will help personalize the message to your community and raise awareness – especially if it’s a local mayor, radio or television personality, or celebrity. Once you have the tags recorded, you're ready to begin.

If you would like to obtain other resources to help promote an event in your community, visit our website at