Prayer in Times of Trouble

We sometimes feel a bit ashamed to find that most of our prayers occur during severe hardships. Yet Martin Luther seemed to view the situation differently:

Except under troubles, trials, vexations, prayer cannot rightly be made. God says: “Call on me in the time of trouble”; without trouble it is only a bald prattling, and not from the heart; it is a common saying: “Need teaches to pray.”

That’s a strong statement! God certainly wants us to pray at all times, not just in moments of crisis (1 Thessalonians 5:17). But Luther makes his point—when times are good, our natural tendency is to drift away from God. Likewise, trials seem to bring out our most fervent prayers. Let’s thank God for allowing troubles that drive us closer to Him.

P.R.A.Y. for Today

Praise and thank God for the burdens in your life; repent of any failure to be grateful for them; ask for His help in the specific difficulties you currently face; yield to Him by not complaining.