Prayer in the Workplace

Many people pray for their family but forget to bring their workplace activities to the Lord. My experiences, however, have proven to me that prayer, wrapped in bold faith, is an important help to your workplace.

Matthew 21:22 says, “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

Years ago, I started a consulting practice that struggled to reach profitability. Eventually, we had exhausted our resources and although it wasn’t much money, we needed $1,750 within a week to cover our company bills.

My wife and I fervently prayed for $1,750. On the last day of that week a stranger walked into my office. He had been praying for someone to help him develop a business plan for his business. During his prayer time God reminded him of our organization and that he needed to drive to our offices that morning. He obediently drove four hours to my office in faith.

After discussing his business, I showed him our pricing schedule. His plan was going to cost $3,500. He wrote me a deposit check for $1,750 on the spot.

God not only sent a clear signal we were to continue in business, he also built my faith in the power of prayer. We became so convinced of the value of prayer that we began praying boldly for and with other businesses nationwide.

Years later, one business owner called to ask for advice. He had made a commitment to God when he started his business not to go into debt, but he had just landed a $500,000 contract that was going to require a $250,000 piece of equipment!

He believed borrowing the money was his only option. I boldly asked if we could pray for God’s wisdom. As we prayed passionately for God to give us wisdom and for the resources necessary for this man to honor his pledge to God, God gave me an idea. I urged this man to ask his customer for a 50% deposit so that he could buy the equipment.

He immediately laughed and said, “That will never happen!” After some encouragement he finally agreed to ask his customer for a deposit. Days later he called me ecstatic. His customer had written him a check for $250,000!

So many in the marketplace are so overwhelmed right now they may not have the energy or hope to pray. Now is the time for the intercessors and prayer warriors to pray on their behalf. Would you join me in praying for our workplaces?

“Father, you have a vocational plan and purpose for each person. We pray for those business leaders struggling through challenging times and for the workers who have lost their job or have had their hours reduced. Lord, give them hope and wisdom today. Let them know that their prayers and their bold faith matters. May your Kingdom come to the marketplace and your will be done. Amen.”

This article was written by Rick Boxx, founder and CEO of Unconventional Business Network, ( ) a ministry that exists to cultivate a vibrant network of Biblically principled small business leaders. For daily workplace inspiration subscribe to Rick’s free “Integrity Moments” devotional.