Pray USA Begins

Our government leaders are calling on God’s people in America to join with one heart and one voice to pray for the United States and her leaders.

Representing 25 different states, 16 members of Congress and 36 state legislators gathered to coordinate a tactical strategy to effectively challenge the growing anti-faith movement in our Country.

The consensus among participants was that people of faith can no longer sit idly by and passively watch as our nation’s history, and Judeo-Christian heritage are being rewritten with a false narrative.

In a solemn and historic ceremony, all who were present signed a Call to Prayer for America Proclamation.

In the coming weeks, hundreds of national and state elected officials will sign the Proclamation, and will read it aloud in churches across America. Citizens everywhere will be able to join this effort to pray for America by adding their names to the document.

Together, our signatures—demonstrating a commitment to pray for America—will make a bold and public statement; not only in the marketplace of ideas, but also in the halls of power.

Duty is ours; results are God’s. –John Quincy Adams

Read and Sign the Proclamation - learn more now: