Pray LIVE with Franklin Graham the Night Before Election Day

Franklin_Graham.jpegOn Nov. 8, Americans will vote for their next president, along with other local and state leaders. Franklin Graham has called it “the most critical election of our lifetime” and urges people to join him in praying for the nation the day before.

You can pray along with him live on Facebook Monday, Nov. 7, at 9 p.m. ET. Encourage your friends and family to pray, too, by visiting Franklin Graham’s Facebook page at the designated time.

Franklin Graham is also strongly encouraging Christians to get out and vote.

“In the last presidential election, it’s estimated that 20-30 million Christians stayed home,” he said recently. “We can’t let this happen again! The future of our nation is riding on this election: religious freedom, the Supreme Court, protecting the unborn and our families, and so much more. The Christian voice needs to be heard on November 8.”

Are you registered to vote? Before casting your ballot, you can research party platforms to make an informed decision. You can also join thousands in signing a pledge to God and country.

The election will impact not only this generation, Franklin Graham has said, but our children and grandchildren for years to come. “Let’s pray together that our nation will turn back to God and that He will heal our land.”