Pray for Life

natldayofprayer_forlifeWill you pray for life this summer?

Join thousands of fellow believers and pray for the unborn, those who work in the abortion industry, and mothers and fathers considering abortion.

“Scripture clearly calls us to protect and defend the innocent, and that most certainly includes the unborn,"  said Brian Fisher, Founder and President of Online for Life. "While we should come together to pray for God’s blessing on our country, we cannot expect God to bring revival when we allow an estimated 1.2 million babies to be aborted within our shores every year. Abortion is primarily a spiritual issue, and it is, bar none, the predominant challenge for the American Christian today.”  (

In an effort to bring this national tragedy into greater focus, Online for Life has created an online prayer community dedicated specifically to praying to end abortion in America.

According to Online for Life’s website, prayer is focused on the following topics:

1) A time of prayer for organizations such as Online for Life, which seeks to reach abortion-determined women through messages of hope. Participants will also lift up the staff at the nearly 50 participating life-affirming pregnancy centers in 23 states, who love and care for the abortion-determined people that OFL sends their way.

2) Intercessors will be challenged to pray for those who have already made the decision to have an abortion at some point in their life. These women often experience physical, emotional and spiritual trauma and need prayer, forgiveness, support and a warm embrace from Christ-followers to heal.

3) Prayers will be said for the doctors, nurses and staff who work in abortion clinics. Participants will pray specifically that God softens their hearts and removes the scales from their eyes so they may be set free from the bondage of the abortion industry.

4) Prayer participants will be challenged to intercede on behalf of activists who participate in life marches across the country, and for those who consistently pray outside of abortion clinics. They will ask God to encourage and strengthen them so they may continue to boldly live out their mission.

5) Likewise, participants will spend time praying for those who work to end abortion through the legislative process. As pro-life activists have witnessed in recent years, many state legislatures and assemblies have taken up pivotal bills to protect the right to life in their states. The participants will pray this trend continues and these brave lawmakers will continue to find favor among men and with God.

6) Finally, Participants will lift up those in ministry positions who have served sacrificially in order to speak out for the unborn. They will pray that in the coming year, God will raise up more laborers to proclaim the truth about life during church services and stand as vanguards for Scriptural truth regarding abortion.

Much like the body of Christ, the pro-life movement is made up of many parts. But through this collective effort, we’ll bring all the parts together — united in prayer — to advance the cause of life.

To join this online prayer movement, please visit the website, where you can register to participate.