Pray for America

I bring you good news from the front lines and also a matter of great importance.

On May 31, just a few weeks after the largest National Day of Prayer (NDP) in U.S. history, the NDP Task Force set out on a 23,000 mile, 300-city, 100-day, 37-state tour in a Pray for America wrapped bus to travel community to community, church to church, encouraging all to remain in fervent prayer over our nation (Acts 18:23).

The stories of hope and transformation are humbling. We have watched families reunited, fathers crying with their children asking for forgiveness, children coming to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior, addicts falling to the ground in repentance and even church leaders re-energized to continue serving on the front lines. There are few words to encompass or adequately describe the transformation that has occurred. Indeed, every day the wheels have turned under the bus, we have called them miracle miles as the next stop is always filled with opportunity and praise. We have served in soup kitchens, witnessed out in front of courthouses, led more than 93 people to the Lord, and mobilized thousands to intercede for our nation and we can’t stop now! Of all my years here at the National Day of Prayer Task Force, this has been one of the most impactful mission efforts we have ever undertaken and it is because of the generous support of friends like you that we have been able to make a difference in our nation today and for generations to come.

At one stop in Connecticut we ended up worshiping with three churches for over 14 hours straight. At another stop in Buffalo, NY, we set-up tents for prayer with free resources and although it poured rain for much of the morning, lines circled the building with people just praising God. It was as if the whole central district just closed up shop and all came out for prayer in the heart of the city despite the weather. Every single day has been like this so if you are just hearing about the Pray for America Bus Tour for the first time, please take a moment and read the updates at We know you will be blessed and encouraged just as we are.

We have traveled more than 5,400 miles to 46 cities, while ministering directly to more than 16,940 people on the road and another 1,920,213 people who have followed closely online.

If you have ever wanted to be a part of life-transforming ministry, then this is your chance. I am asking you to stand with us and help us raise the additional funds needed to continue in this ministry to our nation to bring light into the dark places and spread the love of Jesus Christ. 100% of every gift will go directly to this ministry cause. I am not asking you to help us pay salaries or pay the utilities. Rather, every dollar is going to keep us on the road. There is a fresh wind blowing across the nation as God is raising up His church for such a time as this! It is our prayer that we can continue to travel the nation but we need your help. It is our goal to cover at least 37 states (if not more) and we need to raise an additional $32,400 to make sure we can effectively reach out across the Midwest, West Coast and Southern states. View the current schedule at www.Commit2Pray.comClick here to donate now.

Please prayerfully consider standing with us in this Pray for America mission and if you have a church or location in mind for our next stop, don’t hesitate to let us know.

May God bless you and may God bless America!


John Bornschein

Vice Chairman