On the Road to Pray for America



On May 31, just a few weeks after the largest National Day of Prayer (NDP) in U.S. history, the NDP Task Force set out on a journey to travel community to community, church to church, encouraging all to remain in fervent prayer over our nation.


[hr] [typography font="Cantarell" size="18" size_format="px"]The team set-out on a mission that was grounded in Acts 18:23[/typography] [hr]


What began as a vision to have regional gatherings quickly turned in a grander adventure when the owner of Champion Coach donated a 45-foot bus for the ministry to use to mobilize prayer from coast to coast. After wrapping the bus with a large “Pray for America” graphic, the team set-out on a mission that was grounded in Acts 18:23, where they “traveled from place to place throughout the region…strengthening all (who followed Christ).” In just the first 25 days of the tour, the following occurred.

      •  25 Days, 8 States (PA, NY, RI, MA, ME, CT, NH, and VT)


      • 34 Cities covered in prayer


      • 137 Prayer Gatherings


      • 3,610 Miles of Prayer


      • 14,590 People joined together in prayer at the bus stops - 67 commitments to Christ (all new believers receive Starter Bibles provided by Harvest Crusades). These are only the ones we know of who spent time with us to understand what it means to follow Jesus.


      • 1,250,140 People have watched news reports and heard radio spots on the bus tour


      • 1,419,288 People have read updates on Facebook and the National Day of Prayer Website


      • 1,650,733 People have viewed the Bus since it departed

601196_10151533591669678_841578238_nThe stories of hope and transformation are humbling. We have watched families reunited, fathers crying with their children asking for forgiveness, children coming to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior, addicts falling to the ground in repentance and even church leaders re-energized to continue serving on the front lines. There are few words to encompass or adequately describe the transformation that has occurred. Indeed, every day the wheels have turned under the bus, we have called them miracle miles as the next stop is always filled with opportunity and praise.


At one stop in Connecticut we ended up worshiping with three churches for over 14 hours straight. At another stop in Buffalo, NY, we set-up tents for prayer and resources and although it poured rain for much of the morning, lines circled the building with people just praising God. It was as if the whole central district just closed up shop and all came out for prayer in the heart of the city despite the weather. Every single day has been like this so if you are just hearing about the Pray for America Bus Tour for the first time, please take a moment and read the updates on Facebook and at Commit2pray.com. We know you will be blessed and encouraged just as we are.


God is raising up His church for such a time as this!


There is a fresh wind blowing across the nation as God is raising up His church for such a time as this! It is our prayer that we can continue to travel the nation but we need your help. God has provided the financial support for us get from Maine to Colorado, May 31 to August 10. However, it is our goal to cover at least 37 states (if not more) and we need to raise an additional $32,400 to make sure we can cover the Midwest, West Coast and Southern states. Our final journey will take us to the West Coast and then back across the Southern states toward Greenville, SC, for the finish line in mid to late September. Please prayerfully consider standing with us in this Pray for America mission and if you have a church or location in mind for our next stop, don’t hesitate to let us know.


Here are the anticipated stops through August 3:

      • July 18-19: Knoxville, TN


      • July 20: Mount Juliet, TN


      • July 21-22: Nashville, TN


      • July 23: Elizabethtown, KY


      • July 24: Louisville, KY


      • July 26: Terre Haute, IN


      • July 27-29: Chicago, IL


      • July 30-31: Des Moines, IA


      • August 2-3: Lincoln, NE

May God bless you and may God bless America!