National Prayer Assembly 2016 in Washington DC


Join Us as We Pray on October 27th and 28th in Washington DC - America is at a tipping point!

You are invited to join us for the LIVE STREAM of the last national prayer gathering just before our election. It will be a time of hearing from 25 top experts about the crucial issues facing our nation. We will respond in all-out prayer, seeking the One who can pull us back from the brink and give our nation a new beginning. If you have a heart to seek God’s face at this crucial time for our troubled nation, this gathering of ministry leaders and intercessors is for you.

Seeking God’s Face for the Deliverance and Destiny of America: An Invitation to the National Prayer Assembly, October 27–28, 2016, Washington, D.C. 

Dear Friend,

You are invited to join an assembly of brothers and sisters in Christ from many different organizations, denominations and locations across our nation via LIVE STREAM! All have a burdened heart for this land we love and are coming together to our nation’s capital to pray at such a time as this. As one theologian put it, “History belongs to the intercessors, who believe the future into being.” America is now at a historic crossroads with growing threats within and without. It is a tumultuous election year and an absolutely pivotal time in our existence as a country. A dysfunctional and divided government has become increasingly ineffectual in dealing with our growing problems, including a $20 trillion debt hanging over our heads. In addition, our society is becoming progressively more apathetic and cold to the things of God. Surely, we need a new Great Awakening to turn America around before we careen off the looming cliff before us and the hope of restoration is dashed to pieces. 

A critical component in this pursuit of awakening is the coming together of both America’s prayer and ministry movements to seek His face. We need to join forces, praying with one heart and mind for a fresh, massive outpouring of His Spirit that will bring revival and transformation to our battered and dispirited nation.

It is time to gather ministry leaders for two days of insightful presentations by national experts followed by concentrated intercession, listening, and sharing what God is saying to us. As in the National Prayer Assembly of October 2014, our approach will be to pray at least twice as much as we talk. Earlier assembly participants felt this was the right balance, so we will endeavor once again to let the Spirit of the Lord reveal, inspire, and pray out His heart concerns through us.

Listed below are some of the issues we will focus on at the NPA. 

We look forward to your being with us for this crucial time of encountering the Lord together on behalf of our beloved country.

Every blessing in Christ,

Dave Butts (National Prayer Committee)

Rickie Bradshaw (Pray Houston)

Pierre Bynum (Family Research Council)

Paul Cedar (Mission America Coalition)

Lisa Crump (National Day of Prayer)

Kay Horner (Awakening America Alliance)

Dave Kubal (Intercessors for America)

Daniel Lim and Doug Conder (International House of Prayer)

John Robb (International Prayer Connect)

Participating Organizations

Some of the other participating organizations: Somebody Cares, Every Home for Christ, Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Children’s Prayer Embassy, Generals of Intercession and Reformation Prayer Network, Strategic Prayer Network, The Hope Connection, The Call, The Response, Capitol Ministries, Inter-Tribal Prayer Network, Southern Baptist Convention, Justice Foundation.

Prayer Assembly Online Participant Details:


8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, October 27, 2016 - To join us by LIVE STREAM on Thursday, click here!

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, October 28, 2016 - To join us by LIVE STREAM on Friday, click here!

These links are different for each day, so don't forget to click on the appropriate link!

Prayer Emphases for the NPA:

  • Repentance for - Corporate sins of America and for Sins within the Church and Society
  • Reconciliation and healing of - Leadership division, Racial division, and Restorative justice
  • Restoration of - Spiritual revival and morality within the church, Truth in media, Morality in arts and entertainment, Integrity and blessing in marketplace, Protection for marriage and the family–an institution under assault, and Truth and protection in educational institutions 
  • Sanctity of human life and protection of the unborn
  • Reaching and evangelizing the lost - Prayer-care-share lifestyles among Jesus followers, and Provision and mobilization of missionaries
  • Government and the national election - Religious freedom, Court decisions, and Legislative actions
  • Prayer movement - Unity, Strength, Mobilization, Engagement
  • Next generation - Children, Youth, and Emerging Leaders
  • False religion and the occult invasion

  • National security issues - Military forces, Law enforcement, Homeland security, and Radical Islam and ISIS threats