National Leadership Summit

home_350.jpgOn behalf of the Task Force of National Day of Prayer, we invite you to a much anticipated prayer and equipping time, November 2-5th in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO: the National Leadership Summit: Miracles and Mission.

We will be celebrating the ‘oneness’ of Cry Out America volunteer coordinators joining forces with National Day of Prayer Task Force. Together, we now seek to mobilize prayer on Patriot Day, 9/11 in addition to the First Thursday of May annually. What a privilege to officially meet many of you as you journey to Colorado for perhaps your first visit where our national headquarters resides. Our staff and volunteers have had three prayer assignments in recent years, twice to Washington D.C. and once to Hollywood, as part of our annual time together. However this year, we deeply anticipate learning, training, listening to one another and to our Lord God. We continue to minister to a nation with many spiritual needs in a culture greatly divided. The National Leadership Summit will be our first full opportunity to convene together as those who assemble multitudes on two national days by public law.

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National Prayer and Leadership Summit
November 2-5, 2017

NALS & State Coordinators Only - Thursday, November 2nd

8:30 am Registration: State Coordinators
10 am

State Coordinator Session

Town Hall I: Dave Butts
2017 Strategic Process
President Dr. Ronnie Floyd: Mission, Vision, Leadership

12 pm Appreciation Luncheon
1 pm

Leadership Preparation: Dr. Ronnie Floyd
First Hour
The Power of Prayer and Fasting
Team Building
Why Are We all so Excited About Prayer-Dave Butts
Prayer Shield: Pat Chen 

2 pm 

Town Hall Part II: Lisa Crump
State Coordinator: Load Bearing Beam

Training: Digital and Regional Events: Dr. Floyd

Social Agenda Awareness: Karen Bowling-Nebraska State Coordinator, NE Family Alliance
Q & A

4 pm  BREAK


All Attendees - Thursday, November 2nd

4 pm Registration (All Attendees)
6 – 9 pm

General Summit Opening: Session
Worship: Vickie Tonkins
Dr. Ronnie Floyd: NDP Mission message, 2018 Theme
Prayer Dr. Floyd and mission: Board of Directors
Dr. Floyd lead prayer for May 3, 2018


All Attendees - Friday, November 3rd

8 am Late Registration
8:15 am

General Leadership Session II

“Multi” Church: Dr. Ronnie Floyd
Local Pastor engagement
Appealing across denominations
Battle for the Name of Jesus
Q & A

Multi: Ethnicity/Lingual:

  • First Nations American
  • African American: Pastor Gwen Bradley
  • Latino Hispanic American: Pastor Gabe Valle
  • Asian American: Dai Sup Han, T.C. Kim


  • Church
  • Business

Exhibitor: Arthur Hunt - MLK Bible

12 noon Lunch Break-on your own
1:30 pm

General Session III
Multi: Generational:

Children: Gina Gibson
Youth-Young Adults: Dr. Ed Upton
Spiritual Fathers/Mothers: Gil Stricklin                             

Spiritual Gifting: Dr. Ed Upton
Break out time by National Areas

5 pm


6:30 pm

General Session IV Dinner
Miracle Message I: Bruce Van Natta, Sweet Bread Ministries
Exhibitor: 1687 Foundation


All Attendees - Saturday, November 4th

8:30 am

General Session V
Prayer Mobilization Nuts and Bolts Training: Lisa Crump
Event Planning and Testimonies
Public Event and Legal considerations
Officials: State and Local

National Daily Prayer:
Prayer Call Mobilization and facilitation: Sarah Lowe
Q & A
Effective Media-Social Media-Ministry: Dion Elmore
Spiritual Warfare: Barbara Ingmire
Spiritual Mapping


  • Media
  • Education

Exhibitor: Legal-Vickie Tonkins

12 pm

Lunch Break on your own

1:30 pm Breakout Sessions by National Areas
3 pm

General Session VI
Prayer Teaching: Bruce Van Natta
Better Together: Lisa Crump
Commissioning Message: Kathy Branzell
Commission Coordinators: Board of Directors
Exhibitor: Kelly Leggett

5 pm


6:30 pm

General Session VII
Miracle Message II:
Show Me Your Glory LORD: Sue Stoltz

Concert of Prayer

  • Government
  • Military


All Attendees - Sunday, November 5th

8:30 am

General Session VIII
Sunday Worship Service
Miracle message III: Kosovo
The Lord’s Supper Message and emblems: Gil Stricklin

Concert of Prayer:

Praise, Thanksgiving, Repentance, Christ Awakening

11 am

God Be with You Til We Meet Again

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ronnie Floyd


National Day of Prayer Task Force President
Senior Pastor of Cross Church
Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention


Featured Speaker: Bruce Van Natta

Bruce Van Natta

Bruce will be speaking at the 2017 National Leadership Summit, hosted by the National Day of Prayer Task Force, November 2–5.

Bruce is the author of “Saved By Angels” and “A Miraculous Life” and founder of “Sweet Bread Ministries. He has an amazing, riveting life and death testimony, which encourages everyone to deal with his or her eternal destiny. Bruce has been a guest on over 100 talk radio shows and over 30 TV shows with several being nationally syndicated:

  • "The Discovery Chanel" just used his story for "The Day I Almost Died" show.
  • "The History Chanel" used Bruce’s story for a series based on the biggest miracles they could find in the world.
  • "CMT" used the testimony for a show called "Angels Among Us."
  • The "700 Club" did a feature story on Bruce that has been re-aired several times and was chosen as one of their "Top Ten" supernatural stories ever. They are also beginning to air miracle stories from people healed at SBM services.
  • Sid Roth's TV show "It's Supernatural". Bruce's appearance on "It's Supernatural" had very high viewer response and also was re-aired at times.
  • "It's a New Day" TV show of Canada found this story so compelling they did a 5 day series on it.
  • "The Harvest Show" a TV show that is part of the late Dr. Lester Sumrall's ministry had Bruce as a guest on two separate occasions.
  • "100 Huntley Street" TV show had Bruce as a guest.
  • "TBN" of Honolulu did a show on Bruce’s testimony.
  • "Guideposts" magazine used Bruce's story as a feature article.


Other Speakers 

Dai Sup Han

Dai Sup Han
National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!

 Gabe Valle

Gabe Valle
Colorado Springs City Coordinator



(Left to Right)

  • Sue Stoltz - National Area Leader, Midwest Region
  • Dr. Ed Upton - CrossChurch School of Ministry
  • Dr. Ronnie Floyd - National Day of Prayer Task Force President
  • Gwen Bradley - National Area Leader, Southeast Region and Support to National Volunteer Network
  • Dion Elmore - National Day of Prayer Task Force Vice President, Chief Communications Officer
  • Lisa Crump - National Day of Prayer Task Force Vice President, Volunteer Mobilization/Liaison to Prayer Ministries
  • Gina Gibson - National Area Leader, Mountain Region
  • Nancy Sharman - National Area Leader, East Region


And many more...

Mission: Our team has been in a strategic and survey process for many months. From this, we verified the great need for training. Thus this summit provides us all greater opportunity to glean from seasoned leaders the 'what to do', 'how to’, the 'when to' and even the 'don’t do’. Believers, we must never stop learning, then we remain in posture of humility to honor God and draw others to Him through the most powerful privilege of prayer. Please pray and ask the Lord if you are to be among these fervent warriors on behalf of a nation. Before we learn, we will worship and collectively intercede through hosting live, Pray for America through our monthly conference call in our opening session on Thursday evening November 2nd.

Miracles: Our guest speaker will be sharing an amazing ‘test' leading to a continuing ‘testimony’ that has redeemed lives to Jesus the Christ. Other miracle moves of God will be illustrated through the summit, inviting you to ask Him for your own miracle to ‘testify’.

Conference location is right within our host lodging: Hotel Elegante, Conference and Event Center, 2886 S. Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, 719-302-9860

Hotel Elegante: Hotel Shuttle direct to and from COS Airport
Shuttle will transport guests within 3 mile radius to shopping and numerous eateries

Flights: New Frontier Direct Flights into COS Airport: Chicago, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Mesa and Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington DC, Fort Myers, FL

Meals: Continental Breakfast will be served each morning of your stay at the Hotel Elegante.
11/2, Thursday, 11/3 Friday and 11/4 Saturday you will be served dinner as part of your registration fee and the summit agenda.
Friday and Saturday lunches will be on your own with numerous nearby eateries for you to make new friends and/or take a refreshing break. Complimentary shuttle available.

Cancellations/Refunds: Your registration fee is completely transferable to another attendee, but not refundable.

Registration Type
Registration Fee
Deadline Date
Early Bird Registration
Early Bird Couple Registration
$114 (per person)
Sept 4th
Late Registration 
Late Registration Couple
$139 (per person)
Sept. 5 - Oct. 31


Register for the National Leadership Summit

Please ask Lord for at least one emerging leader to come with you. In identifying and empowering the next generation of leaders, your help is essential. The Lord desires intentionality in our efforts to make room for all generations and races (every tribe and language and people and nation, Revelations 5:9b ESV) within our efforts towards the church, His bride to be the house of prayer for all peoples (Isaiah 56:7b ESV).