Sylvia Williams


I am reminded of Solomon who was chosen by God to lead the nation of Israel. Feeling a bit inadequate for the task, he asked God for one thing—wisdom. And although the position of state coordinator for the National Day of Prayer pales in comparison, I believe wisdom and grace (much, much grace) are needed to mobilize and unite God’s people in prayer. I see a map of the world with lights on it. The lights represent pockets of prayer. As state coordinator, I look forward to the task ahead as I join the ranks of a team of men and women who are committed to connecting the dots and making them a continuous network of prayer that will not only affect America, but governments and people groups throughout the world.   

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2019 State Prayer Proclamation: MI Gov Proc 2021


State Population: 9.9 million



Position Currently Vacant

  • Midwest Region (Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana)



Only the State Coordinator and National Area Leaders are listed in this directory. However, there are 7 volunteer positions within each state. To read the job descriptions and apply for a position in this state, click here.

Remember – you can volunteer as a prayer coordinator for your own church or community so it is easy to get involved.