Let's Pray Together as Our Nation Heads 'Back to School'

praying-for-education.jpgWe thank God for you and for your prayers for our nation. As you prayed today you have probably heard the sounds of students walking to school or the bus driving down your street. In some parts of the U.S. school began weeks ago while a few areas still have one precious week of vacation to enjoy before the bell rings.

Education is one of the seven mountains of influence in our nation that we pray into throughout the year, but we bring a special focus to this month to give you prayer prompts and resources to cover campuses, students, educators and administrators in prayer. Let me encourage you to pray for schools, students and superintendents every time you hear or see a school bus. Pray for educators, staff, principals and school boards every time you pass through a school zone when you are driving. If you tend to be at home more often set a pencil somewhere to remind you to pray. These prompts will act as a reminder throughout the year.

I am excited to report that many students spent part of their summer at camps preparing to be missionaries to their campus this year. Great ministries like Claim Your Campus (claimyourcampus.org), Endeavor (endeavorministries.org) and Dare to Share (dare2share.org) know that youth are strong prayer warriors equipped with the Holy Spirit to serve in ministry; there is no junior Holy Spirit. The same powerful, fruit yielding, Spirit that is equipping you is guiding and providing wisdom, passion, and the power to fight temptation and share the gospel on campuses across America. Pray WITH Youth Sunday is September 22, 2019. You can find more prayer prompts at praywithyouth.com.

As college football kicks-off so do dozens of campus ministries eager to give young adults the opportunity to continue being discipled and belong to a community of believers. On our Pray for America education bus tour we met many students who were convinced that revival would break out from their dorm room. These students are dedicated prayer warriors studying and living their Bibles with a heart to love their campus with the love of Jesus. Please pray for them. Every time you see a commercial for a college game on TV, see college gear in a store, or pass by the local campus in your city please pray for the students and faculty. If you are willing to cover a college campus in prayer check out Everycampus.org. Pray for truth to cover all campuses, that students would live out their faith and be built up in the love of Jesus. Pray that people would know their identity in Him and would learn and grow in the path of the destiny that God designed for them. Pray for Christian friends and for students to connect with a church wherever they are where they can worship, serve and be discipled in the Word of God.

There are also great prayer ministries for educators like Christian Educators Association International (CEAI.org) and for Moms who are committed to pray together for their schools please check out Moms in Prayer at momsinprayer.org. Join us in praying for safe schools (pray4safeschools.com) and for campuses where students feel safe and cared for as well as being places of learning. If you want to do more, check with your local principal or superintendent to find out what the top needs are and then work to bring churches together to meet those needs. You can change a person’s life by being a mentor, helping a student learn how to read, speak English, make sure they have food over the weekends or a warm coat to wear this winter. Pray and ask God if you have a campus calling; but we are all called to pray. It is our hope that every campus will be covered in prayer!

Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."