Let Me Begin By Saying "Thank You!"

thank-you-note.jpgGreetings Prayer Partners,

Let me begin by saying, Thank You!

I thank Jesus for the past nineteen years of relationship I have enjoyed with the National Day of Prayer Task Force. My heart has beat in prayer and love with you, and now overflows with thanksgiving as I have been given the opportunity to love and serve the NDP coordinators, staff, donors, and Board as the new president of the NDP Task Force. We thank Dr. Floyd for his past two years serving as President and keep him in our prayers as he serves with the SBC.


Secondly, thank you to all of you for the tens of thousands of prayer gatherings you all organized and attended on the National Day of Prayer. Heaven was filled with wave after wave of worship and “Love One Another” prayers swept across America. We are thankful for all of our coordinators who spend months planning and preparing for these gatherings – as well praying and partnering with churches and ministries year-round to serve and share the love of Jesus with their community, state and nation. Thank you!

Thankfully, love continues to unify us and glorify God. Love One Another was not just a slick slogan or a one and done campaign. Love One Anotheris a command from Jesus. Jesus also said that His followers would be known by their love and so we must live to show and share the love and message of Jesus every day. As our President and 50 Governors prompt us in proclamations to prayer on The National Day of Prayer; these gatherings of unified public prayers for America are also celebrations and the culmination of 364 other days of prayer. As we engage and equip all of you to pray daily, we also encourage you to put your Love One Another prayers into daily practice. Our upcoming NDP emails, social media and events will be aimed at helping you pray, know Jesus and spread His love in deeper and daily prompts. It is our prayer that we will serve you with information and inspiration that helps you love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love the people with whom you live, work, play, learn, worship and cross paths with each day.

Let’s begin now by asking Jesus to bring at least one person to mind that you should commit to pray for every day. Get to know more about them so you can pray about specific needs or areas of their life. Ask the Spirit to prompt you to pray when they have a need or face a challenge and to show you simple or even sacrificial ways to show them kindness, care, or compassion. Take note of various prayers you pray for them and watch God work in their life… and yours.

My prayer for you is that you would experience and express the love of Jesus every day.

Serving Him with gladness,

Kathy B.

Invitation to Prayer:Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me and I ask that you bring someone to my mind that needs your love. I ask that Your presence would saturate their life and that they would hear Your Word in a fresh way that causes them to draw nearer to You. If they deny or reject You, I pray that they would experience You in an undeniable encounter. I pray that you would use me to show and share Your love in ways that only You could know and direct me to do. Guard and guide me as I love them as You have loved me. (Continue to pray as you feel led)