Jesus' Economy

JesusEconomyPrayer is much more than something we say. It’s a conversation and a movement. It’s global. It’s God everywhere in all of our lives—working the miraculous and making known to us His plans.

God awoke me in the night with words. They came after months of intentional, yet tiring prayer. God unveiled His vision for a new kind of economic change. When He finished speaking, I said, “That would be a new economy.” He said, “It’s my economy.” And so Jesus’ Economy came to be.

Jesus' Economy creates jobs and churches in the developing world, as well as meets basic needs—resulting in a new global, spiritual and physical economy for those that need it most. To create jobs and churches in the developing world, we provide an online, fair trade store and initiate holistic, transformation projects. Each project we do lasts three to five years, and is focused on a single region.

Since the night of the vision, prayer is—more than ever—the center. Without prayer, Jesus’ Economy wouldn’t exist. You see, I have a very busy day job too, outside-bihar_largedirecting Christian publishing efforts. And my wife, Kalene, volunteers full time for Jesus’ Economy. Each time it feels like too much, we pray, and God brings along the right person at the right time. (One example is John Bornschein, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of the National Day of Prayer joining Jesus’ Economy’s Board of Directors.)

But we’re praying for something much larger than overcoming our own hurdles: We’re praying that the developing world, where people are desperately struggling to make a living, would be transformed physically and spiritually. We’re praying that the gospel would reach every person who is yet to hear the name of Jesus. And it’s happening.

Today, through our online fair trade shop, we’re helping talented artisans and their families earn a living—in Kenya, Haiti, Uganda, and Zambia. Not only are the artisans we feature earning a fair wage from our purchases, many other non-profits who work with them are being funded; we’re putting any additional profit into church grants, microloans, meeting basic needs, and a little into our operations.

Product-drill-wells_largeIn addition, we just announced our first holistic transformation project titled "Renew Bihar, India." In Bihar, India—one of the most impoverished places in the world, where few have heard the name of Jesus—we will simultaneously fund church grants, microloans, and meet needs in one developing community. Partnering with the people of Bihar, we will renew hope, hearts, and homes.

Jesus’ Economy proves to me how audacious our Lord is. He does the impossible.

In our lifetimes, we can alleviate poverty in a sustainable way and ensure everyone has access to saving message of Jesus. I believe this to be true because I know Jesus and have seen Him work. Partner with us to create jobs and churches--visit to learn more.

- John Barry, President of Jesus' Economy