I Will Pray for America

We have seldom seen a time when America has been more divided and polarized. We as God's people have the opportunity for unprecedented action for unprecedented times through the power of prayer. Together as God's people we will cry out to our Heavenly Father to hear us, forgive us, and heal us as a nation.

The I Will! Pray for America movement launches in May in Washington D.C. with the National Day of Prayer Observance and will continue throughout 2017.

When you join the I Will! Pray for America movement, you are pledging to pray for government, business, media, entertainment, military, education, and church establishments in America.

Upload a short video (most videos are 3-5 seconds!) of you, your family, small group, church, business, or friends saying, “I Will Pray for America”. Your video clip will be compiled with thousands of other videos submitted by Christians from all over the nation into a video that will be presented at the National Day of Prayer Observance in Washington, D.C.

Submit your I Will! Pray for America pledge below.