Historic Day of Prayer

Every year, the National Day of Prayer (NDP) Task Force facilitates several events on Capitol Hill including the National Observance at the Cannon House Office Building. With speakers like Chuck Swindoll, Oliver North, Max Lucado, Beth Moore, and Franklin Graham, the expectations are always high and the response is overwhelming. More than one hundred thousand people tune in live, via video stream and televised broadcast, for what is sure to be a prayer event highlight reel as representatives from each branch of government, prominent ministries and businesses share encouraging and convicting messages with ambassadors, delegates, and individuals from all walks of life in the historic Caucus Room – and the 63rd annual National Day of Prayer observance did not disappoint.

The morning began promptly at 9:00 a.m. eastern with the presentation of the colors by the Joint Armed Forces Color Guard and the National Anthem. Mrs. Shirley Dobson, Chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, kicked off the momentous celebration with a warm greeting and introduction of both Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Rabbi Neal Surasky.

Rabbi Cahn (author of The Harbinger) took the podium first and blessed the occasion with eloquent words and a personal challenge for how we should view the exercise of prayer and solemn assembly. Rabbi Neal Surasky then put the Shofar to his lips and belted out what seemed to be the longest held note to echo throughout the halls of Congress in the history of our nation. At that moment, we knew the prayer event had begun and not just in Washington D.C.

The line-up of speakers that followed were second to none with each building on the other, emphasizing repentance and a return to the God of our Fathers. After a series of convicting messages and prayers of reverence to the Almighty, Anne Graham Lotz, the 2014 Honorary Chairman and daughter of Dr. Billy Graham, concluded the gathering with the National Prayer that was spoken aloud in unison by the standing-room only crowd that had remained steadfast throughout the full 3-hour gathering.

It was a powerful and fitting way to conclude the National Observance while serving as a springboard to more than 43,000 similar gatherings that took place from coast to coast. In addition, an estimated 200 nations participated in the annual observance along with South Korea, India and Australia where prayer coordinators mobilized thousands to fast and pray for the United States. From pilots flying over capitols to petition from above, to balloon launches, parades, park gatherings and more, there were millions of prayers lifted up at an unprecedented level. President Barack H. Obama and all 50 Governors unanimously called on Americans to pray. Truly, the 63rd annual National Day of Prayer was a historic moment in time for God’s church, across the oceans, to unite in prayer in One Voice. It was the largest such day of prayer in the modern era and already, many have started their planning efforts for May 7, 2015.

Immediately following the National Day of Prayer, the NDP Task Force, announced that it will be launching a Pray for America Bus Rally Tour in addition to hosting a gathering of prayer in Hollywood (www.HollywoodPrayer.org) to pray for media and entertainment. It is quite clear that the National Day of Prayer was not the end but only the beginning - a catalyst for a six-month prayer mobilization effort that could truly transform the cultural landscape across this great land.

Be sure to visit, www.NationalDayofPrayer.org for upcoming details on how you can get involved.