Grow Your Life and Ministry: A Prayer Magazine, Church Prayer Leaders Network, and Direct Access to Prayer Resources

Can you imagine the ministry of the National Day of Prayer with a quarterly prayer magazine, a church prayer leaders network, and the ability to provide access to prayer resources at your fingertips?

PCcover_32smaller.jpgThis is now a reality because the National Day of Prayer Task Force recently accepted the gift to our ministry of Prayer Connect magazine, the Church Prayer Leaders Network, and PrayerShop Publishing. They will broaden the scope of the National Day of Prayer beyond a single day, helping us mobilize Americans to pray daily for our nation, our communities, and our churches.

Believing This Could Be Our Greatest Year

For 30 years, the National Day of Prayer Task Force has been at the forefront of raising up prayer for our nation on the first Thursday of May. As we approach another National Day of Prayer, we are again hard at work mobilizing, motivating, and equipping millions of people to pray for our nation. This year’s theme, “Unity,” has struck a nerve, and we suspect that we will have our largest participation ever on Thursday, May 3, 2018.

Clearly, it has never been more important for Christians to pray fervently for revival in the Church and a spiritual awakening in America as it is today. But, as important as that is, rallying people to pray one day a year is not enough. We need to equip, motivate, and mobilize believers to pray for America.

We need to raise up an army of believers who will pray for their churches, their communities, and their nation. This will broaden the scope of the National Day of Prayer beyond a single day, helping us mobilize Americans to pray for our nation, our communities, and our churches.

3 Important Ways You Can Join Our Everyday Prayer Army – Do It Today!

1. Sign up to receive Prayer Connect magazine -- the voice of the prayer movement in America

This quarterly publication will equip, challenge, and motivate you to pray with more passion and focus. It will help you motivate others as well. Only $24.99 per year, Prayer Connect will keep you connected to all that God is doing through prayer in America. Simply go to to sign up. Purchase the Gold Membership to get online access to more than 450 articles and ideas from past issues, and a new issue of Prayer Connect will come to your mailbox every three months.

We plan to provide all manner of helps and inspiration in this publication to keep you passionately focused on knowing how to pray for yourself more effectively, but also your church, community, and nation. This publication will keep us all praying in a unified way every day in between our National Days of Prayer!

2. Pastors and Church Prayer Leaders -- Join Our Church Prayer Leaders Network

If you are a pastor or church prayer leader, you need to sign up for more than just Prayer Connect. You need a membership in the Church Prayer Leaders Network (CPLN). This network will help you disciple, motivate, and mobilize your congregation to pray. As a member, you not only receive Prayer Connect magazine, but you also get the following:

  • Access to more than 700 articles and ideas at com, many of which relate to growing prayer in the local church. Check out a sample article: The Benefits of Praying Together.
  • “Prayer Leader Online,” an email that comes twice a month with ideas and encouragement on growing prayer in your church.
  • An additional discount on resources at
  • A private Facebook Group just for members where you can talk shop and receive advice and ideas from other members who, like you, are in the trenches of growing prayer in the local church.

A CPLN membership is only $35.99 per year. Go to to sign up. Click on Platinum Membership.

3. Check Out our PrayerShop Publishing Store -- Be Equipped

Finally, I encourage you to check out PrayerShop Publishing’s store, Here you will find more than 150 resources to help you and your church grow in prayer. I asked them to give you a special deal the first time you shop there. Use code “welcome25” at checkout and receive a 25% discount off your first order.

These new ministries are part of our desire to raise up a praying church across this nation. Will you join with us? Together, let’s cry out to God for revival and awakening in America.

Now is the Time to Lead and to Pray,

Dr. Ronnie Floyd