First Thursday Call to Prayer, March 2nd, 2017







Hear us…Forgive us…Heal us

For the Glory of Your Great Name 




The Lord is my shepherd…[1]

How we love and trust You, Gentle Shepherd.  You are a “right-now” God.  For such a time as this we need You, and therefore we have You. You are not only the Light that guides us through the darkening and threatening storms of life, You are our spiritual GPS system.[2] You lead us on the right path and get us to the place we need to be. One day You will take us safely Home.  We trust You completely.

You are Jehovah Rohi, who takes full responsibility for the welfare of Your people.  For our safety. For our necessities.

         You guard the young.

         You seek the stray.

         You find the lost.

         You guide the faithful.

         You right the wronged.

         You avenge the abused.

         You defend the weak.

         You comfort the oppressed.

         You welcome the prodigal.

         You heal the sick.

         You cleanse the dirty.

         You beautify the barren.

         You restore the failure.

         You mend the broken.

         You bless the poor.

         You fill the empty.

         You clothe the naked.

         You satisfy the hungry.

         You elevate the humble.

         You forgive the sinner.

        And You raise the dead! [3]

One day, in our flesh, we will see You face to face.  Until then, we fix our eyes of faith on You, our Good Shepherd: Jesus. [4]

As we draw nearer to the National Observance of the National Day of Prayer on May 4th, we are asking that You direct every step, give wisdom for every decision, equip and empower every one involved in the planning, so that this year’s observance will truly move Heaven and change our nation. Stir the hearts of those You have chosen to attend nationally and locally so that tens of thousands of Your people will gather with one heart and mind as we cry out for You to hear us…forgive us…heal us.

For the glory of Your great name



[1] Psalm 23:1

[2] I lifted the analogy of our Shepherd being our spiritual GPS system from Tony Evans, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas.

[3] Adapted from Just Give Me Jesus, Anne Graham Lotz, Word Publishing, Nashville, TN, 2009, p.145

[4] John 10:11