First Thursday Call to Prayer, December 1, 2016



For to us a child is born, To us a son is given,

And the government will be on his shoulders. 

And he will be called Wonderful Counselor,

Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 

Of the increase of his government and peace

there will be no end.

Isaiah 9:6-7 

Beloved Baby of Bethlehem. We stand in awe with the shepherds of old and gaze into the manger crib.  We are riveted by the sight of Your tiny face, as awareness dawns that we are looking into the face of God! You are the Hope of the world. The Light that shines in the darkness. You are the Child who was promised.  The Son who was given. The Ancient of Days wrapped in swaddling clothes. We worship You as the Baby who became our Savior. Our Risen Lord who will soon return as King of kings. You are the Yes to all of the Father’s promises.

How we long for the government of this world to be on Your shoulders.  We long for Your government to increase in the hearts of men and in the nations of the world. We long for the day when You reign and rule this world in justice and righteousness.  Truth and mercy.  Love and peace…

Until that Day dawns, we want to intercede for our nation.

Thank You for our freedom which has not come easily and is even now being  challenged by foreign governments, Islamic terrorists, and anarchy in our streets.

Please grant us peace in our hearts and in our homes.  On our streets and in our state houses. We ask You to bless those who at this moment are defending our freedom by their courageous sacrifice--willing to lay down their lives to keep us free and safe.  May we never abuse our freedom or take it for granted.

Thank You for the recent election and for the privilege we have been given of voting for our local, state, and national leadership. Thank You for the outpouring of prayer that saturated every race. Thank You for the large turn-out of fellow believers who took their responsibility as citizens seriously--who researched their choices, stood in long lines, and voted.  You promised to answer us when we cry to You and therefore we believe the election results are from You.

We now ask, Prince of Peace, that You would bless President-Elect Donald Trump , Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, and their Transition Team with:

    Wisdom to make Spirit-led cabinet appointments and other decisions.           

    Courage to stand against that which is wrong,

    Consistency to follow through on commitments made.                                       

    Innovative ideas to solve problems.

    Heartfelt compassion to meet human needs.

    Patience to respectfully work out differences.

    Loyal counselors who speak the truth.

    Good health, energy and stamina to work long hours under pressure.

    And men and women of strong faith who will undergird the new administration with heartfelt, Heaven-moving prayer.

In the stressful and exciting adventure of assuming the presidency, give Mr. Trump a powerful, fresh encounter with Yourself, so that on Your behalf, he will exercise kindness, justice, and righteousness in this nation, and in the world.  Bring him to his knees in humble worship of You, then raise him up to stand strong on behalf of all Americans, ensuring liberty and justice for everyone.

During this time of transition in our government, protect us from our enemies within and without. Bring our people together again. Give the United States of America the strength, the power, and the means to live out Your will for Your glory.

We ask these things in the name of Jesus. The One who is the Prince of Peace.

For the Glory of Your great name.