Filling The Air With Prayer

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. - II Chronicles 7:14 [hr]


We can never see into the future to know how God will work. This was the case about seven years ago as Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday (Easter) approached. In God’s providence, I got an email sharing about Christian pilots flying pastors and people who wanted to pray in the state of Ohio over that upcoming celebration. This recently formed group were calling themselves ‘PrayerFlight’.


Well if you work with National Day of Prayer, your immediate prompting might be like mine was: “Wow, would they fly in prayer on the First Thursday of May too? Could this be done in additional states?” I called Michael Harnishfeger, one of PrayerFlight’s founders and pilot from the email correspondence. He seemed interested right away. He checked with the board. Their mission expanded quickly to include the annual National Day of Prayer. Now seven years later, due to the working of God Almighty, our airwaves are blanketed in prayer over every state capitol, comprising our nation as a whole. God can surely move mightily! Praise God with us through the following from Michael of PrayerFlight:


PrayerFlight is pleased to announce 100% coverage for our "50 Capitals" National Day of Prayer - PrayerFlight.


As we like to say, from Hawaii to New York, from Alaska to Florida, Texas to North Dakota and California to South Carolina - on May 2, 2013 pilots and prayer warriors in every state will be uniting in flight, in prayer for our country. It is with great humility that we find ourselves in service to the King of Kings and we are grateful for His Blessings on this mission.


With only two weeks to go, we are well on our way to making this a banner year. Many of our states have pledged multiple airplanes and in Ohio, we are planning on 20 to 25 airplanes gathered for a time of fellowship, prayer and flight. We ask that you continue to reach out to pilots in your state and encourage them to register for this exciting mission by following the link below.


This is an exciting time and we are thankful for our partners from around the nation who have committed to this critically important mission.


More than any time before, our nation needs prayer. As our Mission Verse proclaims, we depend on God to heal our land for in fact there is no other way.


Thank you to all who have prayed, called and committed to PrayerFlight - we look forward to wheels up on May 2nd.


As time approaches we will keep our partners informed on the final number of pilots flying on our National Day of Prayer.


God has continued to work expanding this ‘prayer in the air’. Reports each year from participants have reflected that this aerial view of schools to workplaces, transportation routes to churches, military bases to capitols, neighborhoods and more provided heightened awareness of the array of needs in each place. When I flew with Colorado Prayer Flight several years ago, I felt the Lord directing our prayers as we flew over our capitol, the Denver Mint, downtown metro skyline, universities and then back over rural lands of ranches, forests and fields. Elevation can help bridge the gap between our micro view and God’s complete perspective.


Please join us in giving thanks to our Lord for His creative help to call this nation to pray through the avenue of flight and numerous other venues. For more information on PrayerFlight and how you might get involved, visit their website at


To find a prayer event near you or post an event, please visit visit