Fellowship with God

In Fellowship, his devotional study of John’s epistles, John G. Mitchell examines the fellowship with God that is ours through Jesus:

The great yearning of the heart of God is that we should have fellowship with Him. The purpose of redemption is not just to free us from sin nor simply get us to heaven, but rather fit us for eternal, unbroken, wonderful, personal, intimate fellowship with the living God Himself… Some people are waiting for fellowship, with its joy and peace, until they get to heaven. My friend, God wants us to have it now… It is not that we are waiting to have fellowship with God, but God is waiting for us to have fellowship with Him!

You can have that kind of incredible, intimate fellowship with God right now by falling to your knees in prayer.

P.R.A.Y. for Today

Praise God for the warmth of His fellowship; repent of any ways in which you’ve turned your back on Him; ask that others will experience His fellowship today; yield to Him by talking to others about the value of fellowship with God.