Experiencing God

In Experiencing God, Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King write:

Your personal prayer life may primarily be one-way communication­­—you talking to God. Prayer is more than that. Prayer includes listening as well. In fact, what God says in prayer is far more important than what you say…

Prayer is a relationship, not just a religious activity. Prayer is designed more to adjust you to God than to adjust God to you. God doesn’t need your prayers, but he wants you to pray. You need to pray because of what God wants to do in and through your life during your praying. God speaks to His people by the Holy Spirit through prayer… Genuine prayer does not lead to an encounter with God. It is an encounter with God.

Through prayer, God quickens our spirit by the power of His Holy Spirit. That’s an experience we don’t want to miss!

P.R.A.Y. for Today

Praise God fro His eternal perfection; repent of any attempts to adjust God to yourself; ask Him to adjust you to Him; yield to Him by making whatever changes are necessary.