Dr. Ronnie Floyd on Life and Leadership Today with Guest, Bill Elliff

Today, Ronnie speaks with Bill Elliff, the Senior Teaching Pastor of The Summit Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Bill is also theBill_Elliff_9_5.jpg Director of Church/Pastor Relations for OneCry: A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening, author, frequent speaker, leader of the Revival Champions Initiative, a powerful prayer warrior, personal friend, and great man. We discuss…

  • Movements that can change culture
  • What he believes God is saying to America
  • The context of difficulty and tragedy in the Bible vs. today
  • Hope for America & the power of prayer
  • America’s spiritual history

… and more. Ronnie also talks about how extraordinary prayer leads to movements that change cultures by changing lives for Jesus Christ. You don’t want to miss today’s podcast.