Court Upholds Prayer

On May 5th, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the American tradition of public prayer does not violate the Constitution.


    • Preserves the public prayer tradition that began with our founding.

    • Protects the freedom of community volunteers to pray according to their faith in a public setting, without censorship.

    • Defends the prayer giver’s freedom of speech over an “offended" person’s demands for censorship.

For many, praying is an instinctive, soul-deep reaction to times of great joy, deep distress, and crushing grief, and permeates all aspects of life.

Continental_Congress_prayerAmerica’s Founding Fathers wove religious protections into our laws and government and took time to pray together publicly as they set about writing our Constitution.  Even today, our own government leaders pray before launching a day’s legislative work, inaugurating a governor or president, or speaking to families reeling from natural disasters and brutal terrorist attacks.

This decision from the Supreme Court affirms that Americans are free to pray.

But many elected officials still fear to protect this institution due to intimidation and misinformation. So, show your Support for Public Prayer.

Let your elected officials know that you believe in prayer! Make your voice heard by signing this prayer petition. Alliance Defending Freedom will send a letter to your elected officials informing them of the constitutionality of public prayer, and may include the collected names.