Collegiate Day of Prayer

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On February 27, thousands of students, parents and churches will unite in prayer, across America, on campuses from coast-to-coast to pray. Join with us!

The Scope of Our Prayers

When we pray we are sowing seeds of faith into the Kingdom of God. Our prayers today are literally adding to the prayers of all those who have gone before us. Yes, our prayers are contributing to a larger Kingdom story that has been unfolding throughout the generations. Psalms 9:12 says, "He does not forget the cry of the humble." Therefore, we can be assured that all these years of prayer will not be ignored or forgotten. The God who inspires us to pray is faithful to answer and awaken His Church. So, we must continue to pray for another student awakening. Yet, more than that - We must pray for our whole higher education system, along with all of it's professors and faculties to be awakened and transformed by the presence of Christ. We must stand together and pray as a united and multi-generational Church, until we see the Kingdom of Christ awakened and established in this generation.

The Purpose of This Prayer Outline

The following prayer points are designed to give you a general road map to follow throughout the course of a corporate prayer meeting. These three different themes or stages of prayer are meant to help you manage the direction and flow of your prayer meeting as you move from one prayer request to another. These points are not intended to be an exhaustive list of everything that you might need to pray concerning your campus. We understand that each college campus is different and that you will need to add to the prayer outline to better address those specific needs. The purpose of the outline is simply to provide a biblical and Christ centered approach to praying for a student awakening that will serve and respect the whole evangelical community. Follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit and use the outline accordingly.

Focus First & Foremost on Jesus Christ

Most importantly, start your prayer meeting by reflecting on the person of Christ with a significant time of worship and adoration. This will build corporate unity and put you in the right frame of mind to effectively pray together. An undivided focus on Jesus Christ is the best way to start and sustain a meaningful and rewarding prayer meeting. May God richly bless you in all your prayer efforts for this generation!

A Three Phase Approach to Praying for a Student Awakening:


1) Pray for an Open Heaven — A Posture of Worship & Adoration

    • Pray for the fullness of the power and presence of Jesus Christ.


    • Pray for an accurate view of the glory and majesty of Jesus Christ.


    • Pray for a renewed passion and an intimate affection for Jesus Christ.

2) Pray for an Open Heart — A Posture of Humility & Submission

    • Pray for a response of faith, humility and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


    • Pray for a turning away from anything that would hinder a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.


    • Pray for a revelation of the unfailing love, comfort and adoption of the Father through faith in Jesus Christ.

3) Pray for an Open Hand — A Posture of Joyful & Sacrificial Giving

    • Pray for students to joyfully share the hope of Christ's love through generous acts of compassion and evangelism.


    • Pray for students to defend the defenseless and care for the orphans and the widows.


    • Pray for students to finish the remaining task of evangelizing every tongue, tribe and nation in this generation for the glory and pleasure of Jesus Christ.