Celebrating the Reach of God's Glory

As you are all well aware, the National Day of Prayer was established in public law in 1952 and observed annually on the First Thursday in May since 1988.  This year, regardless of the challenges that our nation has faced due to the covid-19 outbreak and resulting economic shutdown, Christians still observed the National Day of Prayer – but it looked very different from years past.

In homes, neighborhoods, communities, cities, and states that were open to physical gatherings, our NDP coordinators mobilized unified, public prayer for America – while observing recommended safety precautions and ‘physical distancing’ guidelines. While the number of people gathering in-person was far smaller this year, and nowhere near the 60,000 events we’re used to seeing, the prayers that were prayed were just as effective, and were multiplied and amplified through new and creative approaches, combined with unprecedented access to digital media platforms. In places where physical gatherings were not possible, believers, pastors and local leaders joined virtual gatherings to pray, ask for prayer and worship together. 

 We are in the process of collecting ‘glory stories’ from events and leaders all across the nation and will be sharing more with you soon. Two of our leaders shared how the Lord led them and how God showed up, even with the additional challenges.

“The observance was such a blessing, we couldn’t have asked for more. We knew God would move and we knew we would be thanking Him. During our time of thanksgiving at the end, we couldn’t stop crying and praying. God is starting a movement here of pure prayer. No event, no program, just prayer to God.” – Angelo Rajadurai, Massachusetts State Coordinator 

“We had a good crowd, socially distanced, at the state capitol. The governor came out, and his security detail said he wanted to come out—it wasn’t just another obligation to get out of for him. We wanted to model what it is to walk in the Spirit—we were not there to lobby for an agenda, just to pray. Some had their hands extended to pray over the governor, and it was just a beautiful time before the Lord. We also had prayer guides for prayer walks or drives around the capitol grounds for times of intimate prayer.” Gina Gibson, NDP National Area Leader

The 2020 National Observance was broadcasted, streamed and posted on our website, on Facebook, and through ministry partners’ websites and social media platforms. It was broadcast, not from Washington DC, but from several locations around the country, and out through GodTV, Daystar, CBN, GEB, TLN, Enlace and more (a reach of more than 100-150 million households in the U.S., and over 800 million around the world) and on radio through SiriusXM, Moody, Bott, and Salem Radio Networks as well as many local and regional stations (a reach of over 100 million listeners in the U.S. and more internationally).  

Kathy Branzell, Will Graham, Michael W. Smith, Nick Hall, and a host of others led millions in worship and prayer, and a Gospel invitation, with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association reporting that more than 1000 people responded and gave their lives to Jesus!

People around the world shared how greatly blessed they were by being able to join with so many of their brothers and sisters in prayer - especially during this time of isolation and loneliness. Hundreds of responses have been received, and here are just a few that you might find encouraging:

We watched the two-hour broadcast of the National Day of Prayer from Southern California. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but by the time it was over I was feeling challenged, hopeful, blessed and reminded that I’m a child of God with a purpose. I am challenged to humble myself and pray. I am reminded that God has a plan and a purpose for each of us who belong to Him. I am no longer a child of fear - I am a child of God!  Thank you so much for what you are giving, through God’s Mighty Power, to this great Nation and the World. -Kathy

I am 19 years old. I so appreciate the anointed worship and prayers by all generations as shown on camera, from various states and cities. This is a hard time for all of us, but because of your willingness to follow after the Spirit of God and showcase this broadcast to the world tonight, I will cherish this night forever. There is nothing better than the body of Christ coming together in unity for the Glory of God. May God bless you and keep you always. -Abigail

Just listened and watched from the west coast. Thanks to all who made this incredible nation-wide effort work!! Bless you all! Really enjoyed the fast pace of speakers, prayers, and opportunities to sing! Kept it alive and also impressed us deeply with the far-ranging effect of so many engaged in this mission. Only God can know the full impact of what you produced here, but so many have been blessed by this reminder of His power and presence across our land. -Maryann

If you experienced God’s glory on the National Day of Prayer, let us know! We would love to hear about it. Email us at[email protected] with your story.

With the enormous effort, broadcast reach and effective engagement through our dedicated coordinators and ministry partners, we are confident that these prayer gatherings reached more people than any other in our organization’s history – and perhaps in the history of our nation. Millions of people PRAYED TOGETHER, INDIVIDUALLY for America on this year’s National Day of Prayer.

Honored to mobilize prayer with you,

Dion Elmore

Vice President

Marketing and Public Relations

National Day of Prayer Task Force