Be Strong In The Lord

The road of the intercessor is a long one. Daniel is an example. In the year 551 BC Daniel received a vision of the rise and fall of empires. A six-year span of time was described in the vision where deceit would prosper as a “ram” (Medo-Persian Empire) and a “goat” (Greece) would battle both Media and Persia. Daniel was astonished and appalled, grew faint, and lay ill for several days after the vision. (Daniel 8) Nothing transpired until the year 539 BC when God gave Daniel another vision which foretold the restoration of Jerusalem and the coming of the Anointed One.

Two years later in 537 BC, Daniel received revelation of a great war which caused him to seek God and mourn for 21 days. A “Heavenly Warrior” appeared to him who described what had been going on. Evidently, for three full weeks a tremendous spiritual battle had ensued between this Heavenly Warrior and the “prince of Persia.” Even the Archangel Michael had been brought in on the action. Finally, after 21 days, there was a breakthrough in the battle against the “prince of Persia” and Daniel was given an up-to-date battle report.

Then the angel spoke words that every intercessor needs to hear: “Do not be afraid, O man highly esteemed… peace! Be strong now, be strong.” (Daniel 9:19) These words were spoken to Daniel to impart strength and give him courage. Even the mighty Daniel, a valiant man who had endured much and suffered the inside of the lion’s den, grew weary.

It is natural and easy for intercessors to become weary and tired. But we need to understand that there are battles being fought in the heavenlies at this very time that we don’t know much or often anything about. We are unaware, but God and His hosts are engaged! Be strong, Intercessor! Realize that God has dispatched His mighty warriors. He is ever working behind the scenes in the heavenlies.

The Liberty Bell carries this quote from Leviticus 25:10: “… proclaim liberty and freedom throughout all the land….” This Bell was ordered in 1751 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pennsylvania’s Charter of Privileges, its first Constitution, signed in 1701. Fifty years of hoping—and certainly praying—saw many still waiting for God to bring this passage to reality. Another 25 years unfolded before the colonies would experience liberty as a country—as the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Revolutionary War was begun. After another 80 years passed, the abolitionists adopted the Liberty Bell and the Leviticus passage as their symbol of freedom. Finally, the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1863. Surely there was someone who was praying for liberty in 1701 who never lived to see 1776, and it is a certainty that those praying in 1701 did not live to see 1863.

Sometimes we, as intercessors, are called to pray for things that we may never see manifested or brought to resolution. Intercession is often tough enough without this truth, but this is also the raw reality before every praying believer. It is not whether we see victories; it is whether we are obedient and persist in our prayers. Let us continue in expectant faith and anticipate victories, but let us not give up if all is not “answered” in short order—or even in our lifetimes.

Listen now to the words spoken to Daniel, and hear them for yourself: “Do not be afraid, O man (or woman) highly esteemed … peace! Be strong now, be strong.”

It would seem that many who pray for this nation have seen some breakthroughs and political shifts in recent days; but keep yourself braced—we are engaged in battles whose total victory will not be seen until the Lord returns. We are standing on the shoulders of faithful Christian intercessors who founded this country. They demonstrated patience and stamina; so must we. Our task is not done until the Groom has come for the Bride. “Be strong now!” Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Dave Kubal serves as President / CEO of Intercessors for America