Together we pray for people … working in Arts, Media and Entertainment.

We pray fervently for Arts, Media and Entertainment; for all who use their talent and gifts to compete, inspire, entertain and inform us. 

We pray that God would avail much in the Arts, Entertainment and Media as we pray fervently for all who use the talent and gifts He has given them to compete, inspire, entertain and inform us. We pray that they would see this beautiful world through God’s eyes and through His heart as the Creator of all that exists. For those who write, that He reveal Himself as the Word who was in the beginning with God, and was God who Created the universe. May they understand the power of words, and seek Him to choose them carefully, truthfully, in wisdom, knowledge and understanding; to build up and not tear down, to speak life and not death. We pray for those who work in front of and behind the cameras and curtains, screens, stadiums, and stages. We lift up those who dance, train, compete, paint, sculpt, and sing with the gifts and beauty He has poured into them, as they experience His strength and splendor around them and towards them. We pray that they see and project life and love through His light and lens. Living the lives He has written for them from beginning to end on earth, while sensing and sharing glimpses of the sounds and sights of heaven given them as they seek and create through Him. May they live humbly, pointing their audience, fans, and social media followers to see through them and follow God.

As people populated the Earth, God poured creative talents into people for different works that would benefit them and glorify the Lord. Today, people with these creative gifts make up the Arts, Entertainment, and Media spheres. The average American consumes an astounding amount of media each day: entertainment television, digital games, social media, news, and music. These influences shape the things we think about, the words we say, and the way we see others and treat them. It takes prayer to discern what media influences will keep the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts acceptable and pleasing to God. (Psalm 19:14)

The people who make tv shows, report the news, and perform in shows need our prayers. They are filled with God-given talents and abilities and need the Lord to guide them in using their gifts to glorify Him. Some need to experience salvation, while others need a faith community to surround them with support. Thousands of Christians who work in arts and entertainment are fighting to infuse wholesome and uplifting content in our culture while Christians in the media sphere work hard to honor the God of Truth through truthful news reporting.

Arts, Entertainment and Media needs our prayers!