Answered Prayer and Deliberate Sin

Shirley_Dobson_150 Shirley Dobson

Does God answer the prayers of a Christian who deliberately sins? When asked that question, theologian R.C. Sproul responded this way:

When we refer to Christians who deliberately sin, we’re talking about every Christian who ever lived, and we’re talking about something that Christians do every day of their lives. We can talk about sins that are committed in ignorance and so on, but I hope we recognize that the vast majority of the sins we commit are done deliberately. We sin because we want to, because we choose to.

If God refused to hear the prayers of Christians who deliberately sinned against him and then repented, God would not be listening to very many prayers. But we have the promise of God: If we truly repent, He will forgive us.

P.R.A.Y. for Today


Praise God for knowing everything about you; repent by acknowledging how often you want to sin and choose to sin; ask Him to help you better understand the ways you deceive yourself about your sin; yield to Him by claiming and enjoying His forgiveness.




- Shirley Dobson, Chairman, National Day of Prayer Task Force