A Day to Remember

Since the beginning of our nation, brave American men and women have given their lives defending our rights and freedoms. The motivation for this kind of sacrifice can be seen in the lyrics of the Army Hymn. These words not only recount their sacrifice, but the importance of their belief and faith in God. Men in rags, men who froze, still that Army met its foes, and the Army went rolling along. Faith in God, then we're right, and we'll fight with all our might, as the Army keeps rolling along.”

cross mem day A Day to Remember

As a nation, our leaders have set aside the last Monday of May, so that we can pause and honor those who so valiantly served their country and sacrificed their lives – for us, and for all who have been oppressed. On Memorial Day, at three o’clock in the afternoon, our national leaders have asked us to pause for a moment of silence. Let me suggest, that instead, keeping with the spirit of the verse above, we all pause to pray, and to give thanks to God for these national heroes.